Thursday, July 22, 2010

BECK IS SWOLE! Watch: Beck Goes Off Over Financial Reform Bill. Why Does The Left Despise Beck So Much?

Beck has to be frustrated that most Americans are asleep at the wheel while these evil progressives with power further destroy the country. This 2000 page bill is a total fraud and was written by the most corrupt politicians in America.

So why does the left hate Glenn Beck so much? It might be because MOST progressive liberals have mental disorders. Some of them really love misery, some are just seriously brainwashed and others are just plain stupid.

Why else would liberals attack a man who goes on the air everyday to expose all of the Marxist, corrupt, lying vermin in D.C. who are robbing us blind? Beck provides plenty of facts and evidence to back it up and is only telling the truth. Who would hate someone who does that?

Liberals hate Glenn Beck because Beck is telling the American people what the media is intentionally NOT telling them. Liberals hate Glenn Beck because 'liberalism' has failed miserably in every category. Liberals hate Glenn Beck because he's smarter than they are he and doesn't have the academic pedigree that some elitist liberals have. That must hurt really bad....

Let's stop the BS and face it, liberals are idiots.

MILLIONS of Americans tune in and watch Glenn Beck because they have common sense and he's CREDIBLE.

Only thousands tune in to watch MSNBC because they're left-wing and they're NOT credible. They are pushing a radical leftist agenda and that has been easily proven.

Liberals 'think' they're smarter than you. If 8 million people watch FOX News and 1 million people watch MSNBC, to them that means that there's 8 million idiots. They're just too stupid to realize that they have it backwards....

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