Friday, July 9, 2010

WATCH: New Black Panther Malik Zulu Shabazz AKA Paris Lewis Discredits Holder. Howard University Must Be Proud!

Has Malik Zulu Shabazz, real name Paris Lewis, ever heard of YouTube?

With a name like 'Paris' who could blame this clown for being so angry. Maybe that's why Paris Lewis became an angry, racist PROGRESSIVE and then changed his name to Malik Zulu Shabazz. (At Howard University, Lewis lead the progressive student movement.)

Why was Malik Shabazz a guest at the White House? Maybe he and Obama have a lot in common. Obama, Holder and progressives have reparations and social justice in their sights for all of the 'crackers' in America so we have to ask, 'how dumb do white Obama supporters feel now?'

Did any of these dumb white voters figure out the connection yet between Barack Obama, The New Black Panthers, STORM, ACORN, The Apollo Alliance, NAACP, LaRazza, Reverend Wright and the many other radical associations of the President?

We didn't say liberals were the brightest people in the world...

Does Malik Zulu Shabazz realize that it was WHITE people who helped to elect Barack Obama to the presidency? A majority of white voters supported Barack Obama, the 'so-called' first black President, over the other two 'crackers' John McCain and Sarah Palin. How is that even close to racist?

Let's be honest here, it wasn't 'white people supporting a black presidential candidate,' it's more like 'idiots and guilt-ridden white people supporting a half white Marxist candidate for president.' Let's be realistic here...

So we would like to thank Malik Paris Hilton Shabazz for waking up some of those white idiots up who supported Obama.

President Obama will be inviting Malik Shabazz back to the White House to rip him a new one and to have him 'tone it down' so he can keep some of his naive white voters. You just wait and see!

'Cracker Summit at the White House?!?'

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