Thursday, July 29, 2010

CLOSE YOUR LEGS JOY: The Charming Con Artist Appears On 'The View.' Obama Calls African-Americans A ‘Mongrel People’

Oh Joy, please keep those legs closed. Obama had to scoot over a Joy was busy drenching the cushion.

Joy Behar is such an idiot and the audience members who applaud her are just as dumb. Does Joy even realize that the health care AND financial reform bill do NOTHING to address the real problems with health care and financial reform? Did she read any portion of those two bills? Does she know who wrote the finance reform bill?

Obama is a charmer alright and we're sure that some of the 'viewers' will fall for Obama's con job again, as those people don't have any intelligence to insult.

As for Joy Behar, she has a lot of nerve trying to take a shot at Sarah Palin by suggesting that 'Snookie' from MTV's 'New Jersey Shore' run for mayor in Wasilla. Joy Behar is an overweight, miserable divorcee and 'hater' who still despises Sarah Palin because she's attractive, still married to the same man, and has an 'R' next to her name.

Why does Joy Behar sweat Obama so much? He's pretty much a compulsive lying con artist who has been a total fraud and proven failure as President. Why does Joy Behar sweat a job killer who is corrupt, arrogant, vindictive and irresponsible who is also dividing Americans by race and class?

ANSWER- It's because Joy Behar is an IDIOT.

(Not shown in this clip)

President Obama calls African-Americans a ‘mongrel people’

What if a 100% white President said this?

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  1. Hmmm, let's see. Speak to 45,000 impressionable patriotic youth or a couple of silly fat cows. Looks like we know where his interests lie.