Thursday, July 15, 2010

Congressional Candidate LTC Allen West Speaking Before The Tea Party Fort Lauderdale July 3rd Rally.

Barack Obama couldn't hold a candle to this man. There's substance and passion is Allen West's speech.

You can tell the NAACP is a fraud organization these days because they won't support Allen West, but they will support that corrupt, dishonest, kinky haired socialist Debbie Wasserman Schultz. How disgraceful is that? Maybe if Allen West put a 'D' by his name, supported aborting black babies, crumbling public schools, more food stamps, irresponsible behavior and killing jobs then MAYBE, just maybe he would get support from the NAACP.

When we called the NAACP, they told us that they support black conservatives. We do NOT believe them...

West is running for congress against Ron Klein in Florida's 22nd district.

The most hated woman in America, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is going to do everything in her power to stop black conservatives like Allen West and Charles Lollar from reaching her podium. (That's not racist?)

Let's hope these guys make it there so they can tell Pelosi where to shove that gavel...


  1. Allen West tells lies about the history of Black America, Calls Black Leadership Overseers, and Tells the African American community to help themselves, a sentiment often heard from racists, and continually bashes the First African American President of the USA, why racists like him best.

  2. lmao! haaaaa!!! that's 2 funny! hahhhhaaaaaa!!!!

    Nice try white liberal in black skin, but let me correct you.

    Barack Obama is not the 1st black President. Just ask Bobby Rush. He's the first bi-racial President you dickhead.

    Obama is half white, a quarter Kenyan and quarter Arab and his very dark skinned father gives him the appearance of a almost full black man. So again, you're wrong. He's not the first 'black' President. He's the fisrt bi-racial President.
    (Don't you just hate people who are smarter than you?!?!?!) lol

    Allen West tells the truth about black history, while you have been brainwashed by progressive liberals. I know boy, because I lived it. I'm a 57 year old black man who grew up on welfare in the Bronx NY who knows a hell of a lot more about black history and life in general than you do. That's obvious.

    I lifted myself out of poverty by joining the military, getting my GED and working over 60 jobs in 20 years, attended community college and the University of South Carolina not with the G.I Bill, but with student loans I have paid off with hard work. I am now a small business owner.

    It's not racist to tells blacks to help themselves. Man you are one dumb SOB. Are you serious? You must be a poser.

    Racist people wouldn't tell blacks to do anything but vote democrat and stay in the jungle you damn fool.

    It's okay to criticize a President who has destructive policies reguardless of his color you jackass. I suggest you take the blindfold off of your eyes, the penis out of that sheep named Barack Obama who is conning the shit out of you and go over some materail facts on this website. Man up bitch.