Monday, July 19, 2010

The Democratic Governors Association Spent $800,000.00 Attacking Obama And Pelosi.

Violence in the nation has been going up in the last couple of weeks. The trend reporting is not from the FBI or the several states' police forces. Rather, it's from the mainstream media chronicling the escalating violence between Democrats. It's getting ugly out there. We should sit back, pop some popcorn, and enjoy the show.

In Iowa, it turns out the Democratic Governors Association spent $800,000.00 attacking President Obama as a big spending, out of touch liberal. Yes, the organization responsible for getting left-wing Democrats put in governor's mansions across the nation spent just shy of a million dollars attacking Obama. Why? They thought they could hurt Terry Branstad in the Iowa Republican Primary by tying him to Obama.

In Washington, Barack Obama's own advisors are attacking Barack Obama as out of touch and devoid of leadership. In the White House, the staff are attacking each other like deprived piranhas in search of a meal. In Congress, Congressman Chet Edwards, a Texas Democrat and Pelosi confidant, is attacking Pelosi.

This is glorious. November looks good. — Erick Erickson

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