Thursday, July 29, 2010

DISRESPECTFUL SAVAGES: Mexican Flag Flies As Dozens Arrested In ILLEGAL Immigration Protests

It would be nice to have the military and ICE working together to tear gas, arrest and deport these disrespectful savages who are only there to create problems, not protest. Do these idiots even realize a judge ruled in their favor?

These anti-American protesters love civil disobedience and regardless of what judgement comes down, they're going to protest because it's an excuse to become loud obnoxious vandals. This is like a party to these people and they should all be educated on the rule of law in this country.

This is the perfect place to round up illegals and deport them. Why has our government become a bunch of sissies who suck up to these people?

If they're unruly- GAS them, arrest them

If they're illegal- ARREST them and DEPORT them.

If they're REALLY there to protest, educate them on the definition of ILLEGAL.

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