Thursday, July 22, 2010

Entertainers Who Spread Racism Rewarded By NAACP

When Andrew Breitbart takes on a left-wing news meme, you’ve gotta give him credit: he comes prepared. After drawing the ire of the NAACP for challenging their resolution against alleged Tea Party racism, Breitbart’s Big Government set off the blogosphere with video of Shirley Sherrod, a government official speaking at an NAACP-sponsored event, drawing cheers and laughter from her audience while recounting a time when she denied help to a white farmer solely because of his race. While Ms. Sherrod went on to make a point about looking past racial differences, these questions remain: why did no one speak up? Why was there only positive feedback from the audience at this point in the story?

For which group is there more evidence of members assenting to racist comments: the Tea Party or the NAACP?

While the national leftist media outlets continue to fall over themselves trying to figure out a spin on the story that sticks, we at Big Hollywood thought we’d double down with some analysis of the NAACP’s treatment of racism in the entertainment industry.

For 41 years, the NAACP has awarded “Image” awards to black entertainers who achieve excellence in the arts. Despite its rightful role in celebrating the accomplishments of people of color in the arts, the awards show has also been beset by controversy. Several nominees and winners of awards have engaged in openly racist behavior. For example, Jamie Foxx, a winner of multiple NAACP Image awards, called Miley Cyrus a “little white bitch” who should “catch chlamydia on a bicycle seat.” The NAACP has yet to comment on Foxx’s remarks. Going beyond hatred for one white person, rapper Ice Cube released a song in 1993 titled “Enemy,” with lyrics that state: READ MORE...

How dumb does Jay Z feel now?

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