Monday, July 19, 2010

HOW THE LIBERAL MEDIA OPERATES: Think Progress Ripped Content From Tea Party To Create Fraudulent Racism Claim. What Dirtbags....

You would have thought that the three separate entries I dedicated to exposing the lies yesterday in this article and video by the progressive propagandists at Think Progress, I would have said all there is to say.

But there is more… and it is shocking.

Remember “Activist 2,” the Saint Louis Team Party infiltrator, that claimed “I’m a proud racist, I’m white?”

It seems that Think Progress used a clip from this video, a video entitled “Proof that the Tea Party is not racist.”

The guys at SharpElbows.Net thwarted this infiltrator, heavily documenting his attempt to mingle with Tea Party protesters in Saint Louis.

Think Progress misrepresented everything this video and the Tea Party stands for, and against.

If staffers, including editor-in-chief Faiz Shakir should not be terminated for this behavior, I’d like to know why.


Maybe the progressive vermin over at 'Think Progress' (code name for Marxism) learned their editing skills from the other nutbags over at MSNBC. See video below.

It's legal, he's black, he's intelligent and he's a libertarian, not a white republican. 'Get it right MSNBC!'

Meet the real guy below...

Chris Matthews went from a tingle up his leg to pee pee running down it after he saw this REAL non-edited video.

MSNBC is a pathetic news organization and their ratings are in the toilet because they're biased and not credible, just like the communist George Soros run website 'Think Progress' is.

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  1. I like that black dude, he knows his shit and he's pretty smart. Libertarians are pretty informed people. It's actually sad what NBC did trying to intentionally do that. What self-loathing spineless people. It's like, they're attacking their own. Gross.