Tuesday, July 20, 2010

IT'S ON: First negative ad from candidate linking Dem to Obama...

"Missourians have a clear choice in this election. If they want a
rubberstamp for the liberal policies of Nancy Pelosi, Harry
Reid and Barack Obama, they should support Robin Carnahan. But if
they want someone who will fight for Missouri families and jobs, they
ought to support Roy Blunt."

'Give it up dude, the democrat party is beyond repair. With all of the progressives, Marxist-socialist-communist members, radicals, elitist liberals, trial lawyers and corrupt congressman in the democratic party in addition to all of the democrats who supported the health care bill, cap and trade, stimulus, cardcheck, Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan and Fannie/Freddie, that party isn't just beyond repair, it's downright evil.'

Roy can distance himself all he wants, the democrat party is too far gone. It's been hijacked, destroyed and is still run by academic morons, trial lawyer leeches and corrupt progressive anti-Americans like George Soros and Barack Obama. Roy is wasting his time.

Bluedog democrats are a joke, just look at Heath Schuler and Bart Stupak.

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