Sunday, July 18, 2010

LIBERAL HYPOCRISY VIDEO OF THE YEAR? New tea-party video: Janeane Garofalo explains why Obama’s liberal critics are racist

Two minutes of fun from the Dallas Tea Party, and not the first time they’ve used YouTube to torment MSNBC’s heavily white talent roster. Even so, isn’t the big winner from this week’s dopey contretemps over alleged tea-party racism the NAACP? Granted, they’ve gotten a ton of pushback, but then that was always the point of passing that resolution — to start an ideological food fight that would drum up interest in a group whose influence has been waning for 40 years. Before this week, I’d bet not one in a hundred cable-news viewers had any idea who Benjamin Jealous was. Now, suddenly, he’s got Andrew Breitbart waging media war on him. No wonder Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are trying to downplay the affair lest he nudge further into their spotlight. Well played, Mr. Jealous. Very well played.
Exit question: If tea-party racism is easy to find, why does lefty media have to doctor evidence?

NOTE- The tea partiers are not racist and they're far more intelligent than the white liberals at MSNBC who TRY to paint the tea party as racists. It's why the Dallas tea party has a talent for making liberals look like the jackasses they truly are..

'Why would anyone want to be a liberal? Liberals are friggin idiots.'

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  1. that dallas tea party is great. i belive the black girl katrina pearson is one of the best tea party speakers i've ever seen.