Wednesday, July 14, 2010

LOL: Video: Panicky Democrats now going on Fox to prove they oppose Obama’s lawsuit against Arizona

Remember, though, per the left’s meme du jour, the beginning and end of their problems heading into the midterms has to do with how the White House is selling its policies, not with the substance of the policies themselves. That’s why you’re suddenly seeing calls for Axelrod to be fired and why House Democrats can’t stop screeching about Gibbs’s innocuous admission over the weekend that their congressional majority might — might — be in jeopardy. Liberal programs are, as always, winners on the merits; if voters oppose them passionately, to the tune of 57 percent supporting Arizona’s new law and another 17 percent saying the law doesn’t go far enough, it is and can only be poor “messaging” that’s making them react that way. And what if it looks like the White House can’t get the bugs in the message worked out before November? Well, then it’s time to run away from the administration and, if need be, onto the enemy’s flagship cable news network for the ritual self-distancing. Message from Ann Kirkpatrick to her fellow Dems: Save yourselves READ MORE...

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