Sunday, July 25, 2010

LT. COL. ALLEN WEST HAS A MESSAGE FOR Obama, Wright, Holder, Lewis, Cleaver, Black Panthers, NAACP and the Disgusting Liberal Media

Update: Allen West talks about the incident in his life that represents honor and integrity.

This is the kind of man WE ALL NEED in the house, whether it be the House of Representitives or the White House.

Cubachi- An audience member of an Allen West town hall meeting asked the Lieutenant Colonel what incident in his life would represent honor and integrity. She claims she will not vote for anyone in office unless she hears a personal account.

Allen West boldly declared that his service in Iraq 2003 was that incident. As accounted by The Weekly Standard, In Iraq 2003, a jihadist endured “harsh interrogation” by West according to the liberal media. West fired gun shots near the head of an Iraqi police officer who he suspected of witholding information of a planned attack to kill him and the 600 US soldiers he was responsible for. Of course, the Iraqi admitted his guilt and West is a hero. However, the liberal media and democrats in congress treated the lieutenant colonel like a criminal.

Instead of a medal of honor, he faced a court martial hearing that could have put him in prison. The Army fined West and relieved him of his command.

West tells us that he would do it all over again. What an honorable man! READ MORE...

NOTE-Our President and Attorney General are a total disgrace. They're both contributing to ruining and dividing this country. Hopefully, our 'dumbed down' democrat voters will finally wake up and stop drinking the kool-aid, or just stay home on election day from now on...and do the country a huge favor.




  2. as a infantry vet in the usmc, i like what he did in Iraq. his soldiers must really love him. look for the media to find 2 shitbags out of the 600 soldiers he commanded that didnt like west and have them all over nbc and cnn despite the other 598 that probably loved the guy. its just how sick the media has become.

  3. The subversive communard press are engaged in a revolution aganist everything our personal flag stands for, each and every one of these progressive-swine are advocates and adherents of revolutionay doctrines. They cannot ever envision, that the hate they have for what makes this country the greatest one on our planet, (people from all over the world our drawn and attracted by a natural inclination to come here,) is met by a hatred so powerful for them, as to be all-consuming----they will never understand that their visionary theorizing will never be systematized, because our love for our country is DEEPLY-felt and our intense hostility and loathing for these creatures will never dim--

    Our countries enemies, from the president, his administration, and all his radical appointments, have roused the patriots from their sleep and now are on the-ready to expel the vermin, like waste from the body, and make them disappear by any means neccessary as to never let them rise again----it is logically unavoidable, we will not be denied to do what is absolutely needed and required----it's them or us----they are giving us no choice, look at everything they have crammed down our throat, no matter how much the majority was aganist it----they are in the middle of their revolution aganist us, if they are not stopped then they stop us, and we become servile to the will of the owner, the government---

    Allen West is a pure leader, and even more important, he has BALLS----we need more leaders like him-------------

  4. Well said Russel.

    I agree wholeheartedly, the left's revolution is actually in process and ongoing. When people are not kind and are blinded by their idealology then no amount of evil would be considered to much as long as it achieves their goals of being the ruling elite.