Tuesday, July 27, 2010

TWO WARS, OIL SPILL, HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT: Obamas Take 4 Vacations in 1 Month! Obama: My Family Finances Have Suffered, Too..

While many Americans are cutting back on their vacation plans or eliminating them altogether, Barack Obama is setting an aspirational example for all of us. Sure, times are tough, but perhaps we can enjoy a life of leisure vicariously through our betters.

On July 16-18, the Obamas enjoyed their first summer vacation in beautiful Bar Harbor, Maine. The idyllic town has long been favorite summer getaway for the rich and powerful going back to the Gilded Age. Truly a resort fit for a king public servant.

Anticipating exhaustion from two long weeks in Washington, D.C., Michelle Obama is hosting her eldest daughter and several family friends on a "private vacation" to Spain, August 4-8. Staying at the luxurious Villa Padierna, Americans can rest easy knowing the accomodations will "pamper guests with elegance, spaciousness and a comforting array of amenities." With three golf courses on the property, it's quite a shame Barack must attend a party thrown in his honor by one of his billionaire friends. Despite this hardship, I'm sure Michelle will sing "Don't Cry for Me, America". Or at least hum a few bars. (After the spa's Chakra Balancing treatment with Hot Stones.)

The five days back in the White House will be a horrible burden to the family. Thankfully, the Obama clan will take a third vacation, Aug. 14-15, to Florida's Gulf Coast, following charges of hypocrisy for vacationing in Maine earlier. As any PR pro will tell you, the best response to "out of touch" accusations is to face them head on. Preferably from a balcony, sipping a mojito while watching Helios' golden rays paint the beach in myriad shades of gold as the fiery orb slips 'neath the azure horizon.

But if the Obamas are anything like me (and it sure seems that way!), sometimes they feel more tired after a vacation than before it. Luckily for all of us, the family will take a fourth vacation, Aug. 19-29, in exclusive Martha's Vineyard. It's about time that poor man got a little R and R.

Obama: My Family Finances Have Suffered, Too



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