Monday, July 19, 2010

Video: Young lefties figure out way to mobilize Democratic turnout. Introducing... 'idiots4obama' . Get ready to barf on your keyboard..

Brainwashed morons, or just plain losers? You decide; in the meantime, we can't wait to see these dorks with their college degrees in the unemployment line with a bar tab for 21 trillion dollars, courtesy of Obama and Pelosi.

If this is our future, we are in deep sh*t...

HotAir- Via Jon Henke, who wonders whether maybe this was intended to be as awful as it is in hopes that people would start circulating it just for the gawk factor. That’s as good a theory as any; alternately, I suppose it could be some sort of false-flag op by the College Republicans aimed at discrediting Democrats by getting lefty sites to run it. If that’s what happened, given the quality of the production, they’re looking at a hell of a defamation suit. Sue, Democrats. Sue like the wind.

Exit question: The way things are going for The One, is this in fact their best shot at mobilizing turnout?

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  1. Most definitely not a false flag by the College Republicans. It was posted from the Campus Progress account. Which is a part of the Center for American Progress. Run by John Podesta.

    Most likely someone from within the Obama administration came up with an idea to rally the troops.