Wednesday, July 14, 2010

WATCH: Chaos Erupts at Ground Zero Mosque Hearing

WE MIGHT SUPPORT THE MOSQUE BEING BUILT IF they put up a synagogue, a strip club, a gay bar, military recruiting station, high rise section 8 projects (or as liberals call it, affordable housing) and a flight training school across the street from the mosque.

THEN MAYBE we will consider it. Until then, 'get lost you terrorist supporting turds..'


  1. The building of ALL mosques across this nation needs to be STOPPED since there is so much EVIDENCE that the Islamists are here to conquer us and impose sharia law, which means DEATH to all non muslims, upon is time to drop the PC and address this ENEMY.. letting them slither home to their beloved middle east...their GOAL is a global islamic caliphate ruled by sharia law, which is stealthly being allowed in America by Obama who is forcing a new constitution on the people of Kenya, mostly Christians and Hindus which will allow sharia to be imposed on all of them, meaning DEATH to all non muslims first, then those muslims not islamic enough..
    The islamists do not hide their intent to conquer America...they have come here to conquer, imposing THEIR lifestyle upon us, which includes death if we do not convert to Satan's religion of Islam. This is a bombless war, a coup, waged through DECEIT.
    It is time to let them know that we are on to them and that they will not succeed.

  2. History shows, that wherever Muslims have conquered an area or people, they resurect mosque over the local people's holy sites, in order to declare victory and have a very large public advertisement of their religion. THIS is exactly what they are trying to do with the ground zero site. IT MUST BE STOPPED!