Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WHAT 'STUPID' LOOKS LIKE: Propaganda Film Maker And Anti-American 'Chubster' Michael Moore Uses Open Space In Kansas For ILLEGAL Immigration Argument

LIBERALS ARE IDIOTS: We don't have an 'idiot of the week' category anymore because there were way too many of them to keep up with. Just this week alone we had Howard Dean lying on FOX News about the coverage of the Sherrod story, democratic strategist Bob Beckell living in denial and insulting two of the only honest democrats left who wrote about Obama dividing America over race and class, then this fat clown makes a stupid case for letting anyone from anywhere in this country because we have open space in Kansas. What a moron..


  1. So Michael Moore doesn't want his films shown in Arizona? Good, Arizona has it right, we don't need his lame viewpoint polluting the minds of good Arizonans. Self censorship is a benifit in this case.

  2. I think that's argument enough to pass an immigration law, just to keep Michael Moore from entering your state. Woohoo, it's safe to eat at country buffet again:)

  3. haha what a dumbass. its not that we dont have the space for them to live on....

  4. When I would travel to New York, I would try to have breakfast or brunch at the Windows of the World restaurant at the top of the World Trade Center. Most days it was in the clouds and you couldn't see anything. It still was one of the most unique destinations in the city. Despite my attempts to appear sophisticated and blasé to cloud top dining; I was always cognizant of the fact that I was as high as a human could go and still be earth bound and that this was a special place.
    Watching the destruction of the towers my first thoughts were of the waiters and other workers at the restaurant. They worked to make sure that this country guy and his wife felt comfortable and special. After my meal I really did feel special as I walked through a corridor lined with enormous geodes on my way to the elevators. The horror of 9/11 destroyed my special place.
    I first saw the President at American University the day that Ted Kennedy endorsed his candidacy; I heard various family members say that he was the embodiment of JFK. I saw that and I have worked for him ever since.
    There have been many days I have wondered if he, or anyone, could be up for the terrible decisions that a President must make. On top of just trying to do the job, he's humiliated into having to prove that he's an American, born and raised. Savage attacks, and the most vile remarks are directed to his family. Despite the lies, half truths, and cynicism that dodge his every decision, he remains steady, focused, and committed to lead this country. And today he led this country.
    Our military is great. It has dedicated service men and women who put their lives, their lives on the line for the rest of us. They are commanded by a civilian, the President, who has the overall responsibility of all and every action. Our President took a great risk to his presidency to insure that we all might sleep a little safer tonight. He alone made the decision to seek out our enemy; then take him out. And with skill, training, technology and luck, the Navy SEALS did the job.
    It's time to cut this guy a little slack. This is a good President and he's only going to get better. And he's just getting started. Think of what might be possible if we could rally behind him and support him?
    Today the dead of the World Trade Center got justice, I'll never forget the President who made that happen. Thank you Mr. President.

  5. You gotta be kidding me right? Listen here idiot-with-the-long comment.

    Obama waited 16 hours and was forced to make this decision because 2/3 of the country despises him including former supporters.

    He's gaying America, destroying the economy, lying like crazy to the American people, destroying health care and energy, killing jobs, creating poverty, demonizing businesses and that's just 5% of what he's doing!

    I also worked at the WTC as a courier in 91-92, and I could never afford to go to windows, but always wanted to go and never got the chance. Now I can afford it, but it's not there. try the Stratosphere in Vegas.

    Obama Prosecuted SEALs For Slapping Top Terrorist then praises SEALs for Shooting Osama in the Head?

    He just prevented 40,000 more illegals from deportation, and is not enforcing the border.

    He supports Sharia and picked two idiot supreme court judges who want it, and were stuck w.them til they die.

    I can go on and on about this clown President, he's a disaster. A liar. A community organizer who is taking credit for something he didnt even want to do and you retarded sheep keep drinking the kool aid. Another idiot voter. wow!