Friday, August 20, 2010

Audio: Mark Levin interviews Zuhdi Jasser on the Ground Zero mosque

Via The Right Scoop- Mark Levin interviews Zudhi Jasser from the American Islamic Forum for Democracy says early on:

“This is not a war against a tactic, but rather an ideology that’s not about violence or non-violence, but it’s an ideology that seeks to create islamic states and we want to counter that through advancing ideas of liberty and freedom…”

Wow, that got my attention. While there are things that I would certainly like ask Mr. Jasser, I must admit that he seems to completely understand the threat of the Islam that seeks to conquer and spread Sharia law, an oppressive theocracy, around the world. And he recognizes the duplicity of this GZ mosque Imam who on the one hand preaches peace but on the other hand refuses to apologize for Sharia and demagogues the issue of terrorism as it relates to groups like Hamas.

This guy is great and the interview only gets better.


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