Sunday, August 29, 2010

BECK HAS A DREAM: 'Racist' Al Sharpton Jealous; Over 600,000 Attend 'Restoring Honor' Rally in D.C. Liberals Swole! NBC Lies About Crowd Size...Again!

Only an idiot would hate a guy for simply speaking the truth. Only an idiot would call that person 'extreme' or 'polarizing' when 'brave' and 'honest' are more deserving titles for people like Glenn Beck.

Forty-seven years after Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream Speech,” Fox News host Glenn Beck stood Saturday close to the spot at the Lincoln Memorial where the civil rights leader called for racial equality, urging the nation to return to "faith, hope and charity."

The much-ballyhooed and quite controversial “Restoring Honor” rally has brought conservatives to Washington from parts of the country. Many are making a long weekend of it, packing hotels and filling area campgrounds. Across the country, local tea party groups teamed up to charter buses to bring large crowds.

Beck, a fiery conservative populist, had urged his followers to leave political signs at home. He said that he wanted to celebrate America’s military personnel and accounted that the rally raised $5.5 million, which would go to the veterans' charity Special Operations Warrior Foundation after defraying event costs.

The crowd remained civil and listened attentively through 200 minutes of speeches, prayers, songs and the awarding of medals. READ MORE...

Bachmann holds a rally of her own

Sharpton Jealous Of Beck Success. Beck More In Line With MLK Than Sharpton Is...

AGAIN, Sharpton loses....Flashback VIDEO.


  1. Why is the size of the crowd so important. You'll hear for weeks now that someone, or some group is lowballing the crowd size. It's an event. Either you were there or you weren't.

    Used to be the Parks Service was the go-to people for crowd size on the Washington Mall. But they finally got tired of being called liars so they didn't put out estimates anymore.

    Now, it's everything from 70,000 to, hell. 5 million. Maybe there was 5 million people. Why stop at half a million

  2. Odd that Beck would pick Martin Luther King, Jr. King was called the same names that Beck is calling Obama now.

  3. Well, I actually not only disagree, but you are just plain wrong and totally ignorant. Click the link "racist Obama" and you tell me Barack Hussein "A white mans greed runs a world in need" Obama doesn't have a problem with whites, especially males. Mr. "White business owners in the suburbs need to pay more in taxes for inner city blacks" and Mr. "social Justice" doesn't have a problem with whites.
    When Whites have a problem with blacks, it's always called 'racist' yet when Obama has a problem with those white cracker tanning salon owners he raises taxes on, it's not called racist? Get a life loser. Obama is a racist. White liberals are self-loathing themselves.

    You are a naive terd.

  4. Conservatives despised Martin Luther King, jr. Called him a socialist and a communist. Now they try to co-opt him.

    If you want to pray about something, pray that The President doesn't meet King's fate.

  5. hahahhaa!!! another young white boy brainwashed with that weak story out of an altered text book.

    listen here son, i'm black and in my 50's and i'm pretty sure i know a heck of a lot more about mlk and black history than you do.

    you're the same dumb ass bootlicker who believes that old story of the racist democrats who voted against civil rights becoming republicans.a total lie!

    conservatives didn't call mlk a socialist/communist. democrats were the white racist devils while blacks were the conservatives who supported MLK - the conservative- during the CRM.

    what's crazy is that we have so many more dumbasses like you out there who actually believe this crap.

  6. NBRA.INFO might be a good start to educate yourself. it's a conservative/republican website-run by a MLK family member but it provides facts that can not be dosputed. the left wing sites are backed up with nothing, it's all opinion.

  7. "listen here son, i'm black and in my 50's "

    Anyone can be anyone, here Linwood. You're probably making up your persona.

    No, Conservatives were not civil rights supporters. Southern Democrats abandoned the party over the years after the civil rights act. Saw it happening. I lived in Georgia. Saw Reagan campaigning in Macon. Every week, one Democrat politician after another in the '80s walked out to say they were now Republicans. So, don't try to rewrite history with me, Linwood.

    "conservatives didn't call mlk a socialist/communist."

    Oh, yes they did. Every day, all the time. He was aligned hand in glove with Castro. They trashed his personal life, they trashed his family. The FBI had a file thick as your arm on Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Now, he's a right wing icon because of Glenn Beck? No and No again.

    This audacious man is playing you like a violin.

  8. you aint black and in your 50's, your a cracker who copied and pasted some bs article. bitch please.

    so a few rep. went to dem pasrty caliing MLK a socialist and now the entire rep. party just became a bunch of racists right? you are that dumb aint ya.

    so what did the other 100 plus democrats do, stick around? hmm, hmm,

    where did Byrd go? How about Al gores daddy.

    nice try

  9. That's right bitch, I cuss and use slang.