Monday, August 23, 2010

Dick Armey to GOP: Why don’t you have the guts to support Paul Ryan’s roadmap?

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A sizzlin’ piece of red meat for a slow Sunday afternoon. Things start to pick up halfway through the clip, but I recommend watching the whole thing lest you miss Granholm’s ode to government intervention and insistence that cutting spending so that we don’t have to keep borrowing from foreign creditors is somehow … playing right into China’s hands. Note also that she’s the one who brings up Ryan, not Armey; Gregory’s question has to do with tea-party candidates being out of the mainstream and she leaps from that to an attack on the roadmap. Partly that’s because Dems are in panic mode about losing seniors’ votes and figure that distorting Ryan’s plan is the best way to spook them into voting blue this fall. But as I’ve said before, part of it is also a function of Ryan being a serious policy thinker who’s not given to the sort of rhetorical excess that lends itself to the left’s “all conservatives are kooks” message. If they want to take him down, they’ll have to do it with guilt by association. Which is why he keeps making these surprise cameos in their Sharron Angle/Rand Paul messaging. READ MORE...

NOTE- Libtard David Gregory is a pathetic excuse for a journalist. Tim Russert must be rolling in his grave.

Since when is being against same sex adoptions, high taxes, government run health care, minimum wage laws, the department of energy and the failing money pit called the department of education so radical and extreme? Failures are now considered 'extreme?' Waste is now called 'extreme?' Morally wrong is now called 'extreme' regardless of what most Americans think?

Does this clown David Gregory ever get outside the liberal cocktail party circuit of Washington D.C?

Does David Gregory know that MOST Americans oppose most of these so-called 'extreme' positions and they are morally and economically ruining this country?

Did he bother to challenge any of the democrats who consider this EXTREME?

Gregory is a pathetic little man and it's no wonder MSNBC's ratings are in the toilet.

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