Monday, August 16, 2010

DISGRACEFUL: President Obama Sides With Hamas, Supports Building Mosque Near Ground Zero. UPDATE- Obama Attempts To Clarify Statements


Barack Obama has backed the construction of a mosque and Muslim cultural center near the site of the September 11 attacks in New York

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama on Friday forcefully endorsed building a mosque near ground zero, saying the country's founding principles demanded no less.

"As a citizen, and as president, I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country," Obama said, weighing in for the first time on a controversy that has riven New York City and the nation.

"That includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances," he said. "This is America, and our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakable."

Obama made the comments at an annual dinner in the White House State Dining Room celebrating the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

Republicans were quick to pounce on the president's remarks.

"President Obama is wrong," said Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y. "It is insensitive and uncaring for the Muslim community to build a mosque in the shadow of ground zero. While the Muslim community has the right to build the mosque they are abusing that right by needlessly offending so many people who have suffered so much."

The White House had not previously taken a stand on the mosque, which would be part of a $100 million Islamic center to be built two blocks from where nearly 3,000 people perished when hijacked jetliners slammed into the World Trade Center towers on Sept. 11, 2001. Press secretary Robert Gibbs had insisted it was a local matter.

See Obama, the 'stuttering' con artist try to clarify his statements using his famous 'let me be clear' starting line....

It's nice to know that our anti-American President and the leader of the terror group Hamas have so much in common.

Hamas Leader: Ground Zero Mosque Must Be Built


  1. That's not true. He didn't endorse it. He just there's nothing that can be done to stop it. And he wouldn't speak to the wisdom of the idea. You're misrepresenting him, and you probably are aware of that, but don't care.

  2. Saw the phrase "forcefully endorsed" on several news outlets. Probably ran on AP first. But it's still not accurate.

    "Our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakeable." And he's right.

    And Peter King is right, too. It's "insensitive and uncaring."

    But what can be done?

  3. I believe we should consider the Muslim and Islam not religions but terror organizations and not recognize them as such. I believe we should ban mosques everywhere in the US. They're trying to Islamizize America. Look how they did it to other countries. We're such blind fools and they can't intergrate with us anyway as our constitution is a toal opposite to Islam. If they love the Muslim religion, move back to the Middle East of wherever elese they came from. Then we won't have this problem, we have become such pussies in this country. Give me a break- I'm not buying that religion tolerence crap.

  4. Amen to Raj! Religious tolerance is one thing, turning a blind eye to this VICIOUS slap in the face is another. This is beyond "poor taste" - it is almost heartbreaking. Sure, all Muslims aren't terrorists and blah, blah, blah... but still.

    America is WEAK now, we HAVE to take this country back. Shame on anyone who voted this butthole in office.