Monday, August 30, 2010

LYING LIBERAL FRENZY: Disturbed Jealous Liberals Attack Beck Over His Success And Massive Crowd. Called 'Old, White, Racist, Hate-Mongers, Lost Souls'

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Howard Dean: Beck is ‘Racist Hate-Monger’; Followers are ‘Lost Souls’

In a truly "Pot vs. Kettle" moment, former Gov. Howard Dean said he thought Glenn Beck isn't "right in the head".


Media Matters Honcho Points Out Lack of Racism at Beck Rally; Attacks Tea Party as Racist Anyway...

ERIC BURNS, MEDIA MATTERS FOR AMERICA: "I think the rally on TV that we saw this Saturday may have been the only instance where there wasn’t something racist going on with the Tea Party and Glenn Beck at least from what I’ve seen. You know obviously we’ve seen there was the last year and a half rallies with you know with really horrific racist hate filled violent inducing signs." (Idiots)


MSNBC Host Attacks Beck and Crowd at Rally as Old, White, Racist...

MSNBC's Ed Schultz said the crowd at Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally was "Old white angry McCain Palin leftovers who just can't seem to stomach the fact that we have a black man in the White House." What Ed doesn't tell you is that if not for a majority of whites voting for Obama, he wouldn't be President. He doesn't mention that Obama is the worst President in U.S history. He doesn't mention that this 'restoring honor' rally is not about Obama! Ed Schultz is just PISSED that MOST Americans are NOT on his side and realize that progressives are really scumbags. His ratings prove that...

Ed Schultz lies about the crowd being a bunch of angry McCain supporters. Most Tea Party and Beck supporters do not support McCain the establishment RINO.

Also, Beck and Palin didn't 'line their pockets' at this rally. They raised millions for charity! How come Ed doesn't mention this? Also, it wasn't all 'old white people,' the crowd was very diverse.

Ed Shultz qualifies as a media terrorist. He might even be more dishonest than Alan Grayson and Keith Olbermann!

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  1. Wow! Ed Shultz sounds a little bit jealous! mwahahahaha!!! He should know if any progressive tried to have a rally of that size, they would fail. I can't think of one that would be able to pull it off.

    The way these people attack Beck, makes me want him continue on. I would love to see Beck as the richest most powerful man in the world just to piss them off. Capitalism at work!

    I went to the rally. I am pretty pastey and my kids do call me old. However, I did take my kids, they are young. We waited in line for the metro with a very diverse crowd going to the rally. There was a group of black woman clapping and raising their hands "praise God" & "Amen" were being yelled out. Everyone was having a good time.

    Maybe those guys should have went to the rally. I think they didn't go because they thought a little honor might rub off on them.