Monday, August 23, 2010

Mosque Planner Calls Americans Bigots. (How About NO MORE Mosques In America Period?)

We believe the guy below makes a far better point. How about NO MORE mosques in America? Or are we going to be suckers and sissies like other countries?


  1. "How about NO MORE mosques in America? "

    How about repealing the First Amendment to the Constitution? Have to do that first. Do you know the process for that? Because you're now saying Muslims don't have religious freedom.

  2. Your second video doesn't load.

  3. Well, lets not recognize their religion since it's anti-American and violent. Only you idiots believe it's a peaceful religion. The Koran, ISlam, Sharia law- it's not religion and if we reject it, and ban it, we will all be better off. All religions EXCEPT Islam- my wife is from Iran and educates me on what it really is, and what you dopes buy from the liars and liberals.

  4. Regardless of whether you recognize it or not, it is a religion that is practiced freely in the United States. You'll have to pass another Constitutional amendment that repeals the First Amendment. That involves super majorities among the Congress and Senate and and passage by something like 38 States. I think it takes seven years, so if you want that, you better get started. Then you can work on the law outlawing the practice of Islam in the United States. If you want to avoid that, simply quit talking stupid and do something positive.

  5. How about we get started and you lick my nuts kid.

    I say we recognize "Islam" as a terrorist organization and not a religion. And we ban Mosques including ones already here- close them down.

    How do you like that idea dirt merchant?