Monday, August 30, 2010

MUST SEE: Divisive Signs, Rhetoric on Display at Sharpton Rally. ReasonTV: What We Saw at the Glenn Beck Rally in DC

It appears that Al Sharpton's "Reclaiming the Dream" rally focussed more on Sarah Palin and Glenn beck than it dead on the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Who would of thought that Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck have more in common with Martin Luther King than Ben 'I'm' Jealous and Al 'Not so sharp' Sharpton?

Are Beck and Palin blacker than Al Sharpton and Ben Jealous? It sure seems that way.

Sharpton’s Speech Draws Crowd Large Enough to Fill Most of Football Field was on hand to take in the day and talk with some of the thousands of people who showed up. Most of the people they talked to were openly skeptical of politicians of both major parties and agreed strongly with the religious bent of the rally, often arguing that some sort of religious orientation was necessary for what that saw as a return to national greatness. See Video below..

National Mall Left Spotless After Beck Rally

Conservative values are good for the environment.

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