Thursday, August 26, 2010

Taiwanese Anime Team Feature Gutfeld’s Gay Bar in Ground Zero Mosque Treatment

In another of their on-going hilarious interpretations of current events in America, the team at NMA News has tackled the Ground Zero Mosque controversy and included a reference to Greg Gutfeld's plan for an adjacent gay bar.

We have often wondered ourselves if when the room clears out, does Obama get on his knees and pray? We're not counting it out yet. Obama says he's a Christian, but Obama rarely tells the truth.

Attending a black liberation theology church for 20 years, appeaser of the Muslim world, apologist and anti-American, knowledge of the Koran, nominating SCOTUS activist judges who believe in Sharia law, supporting a mosque at ground zero, not having attended church regularly in D.C, cancelling the National Day of Prayer and implementing a Muslim Day of Observation, is it really so bad to suspect that Barack Hussein Obama just might be a Muslim?

Muslim Obama?

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  1. good point, you even have ne thinking now lmao