Wednesday, August 25, 2010

NOW WHAT! Palin-Backed Tea Partier on Verge of Alaska Upset! Sen. Murkowski Trails Gulf War Vet Candidate in Alaska Primary

A decorated Gulf War veteran was holding a narrow lead over Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the Alaska Republican Senate primary, as ballots continued to be counted Wednesday in what could shape up to be a stunning political upset.

Polls taken before primary day had shown Murkowski, a two-term senator from an Alaska political dynasty, leading handily against the first-time candidate. But challenger Joe Miller insisted all along that the state's polling was unreliable -- as of Wednesday morning, Miller held a 2,000-vote lead.

With 98 percent of precincts reporting, he had 51 percent and Murkowski had 49 percent. The number of uncounted absentee ballots, though, exceeded the number of votes separating the candidates.

The Alaska race marked the second surprise from a Tea Party-backed candidate in Tuesday's elections. Health care executive Rick Scott earlier defeated Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum for that state's GOP gubernatorial nomination after polls also showed McCollum pulling away from Scott. READ MORE...

'Hey libs, Sarah says hi..'

Oh Newsweek! Our favorite liberal rag when we run out of toilet paper or when we need to get that fire pit going! Newsweek, which sold for $1, made out like a bandit! Just look at this cover:

'How do you solve a problem like Sarah?'

For a magazine going bankrupt because no one wants to read their dishonest content, it seems like Newsweek is the one with the problem. Almost everyone Sarah Palin has endorsed has won their primary. And despite relentless vicious personal attacks by progressive liberal vermin, Sarah Palin has managed to make millions of dollars in the private sector (unlike liberal politicians who only make millions with the help of taxpayers) while driving liberals so insane, they should be in a padded room at the nearest state hospital.

Sarah Palin HAS made a FEW mistakes along the way, but no one is perfect and if she keeps pissing off liberals and backing tea party candidates, she's doing a good thing for this country.

'Now before you Palin haters start leaving your comments, you should FIRST be more concerned about your compulsive lying failure and fraud of a President, Barack Hussein Obama and your soon-to-be disappearing liberal congress which has a 9% approval rating.'

It's okay to disagree with Palin, but to personally attack Palin, who had an 86% approval rating while governor of Alaska, would make liberals look even more like the true jackass hypocrites they already are.


  1. If she had this soaring popularity, I don't know why she had to quit. But she probably has several million reasons for washing her hands of her commitments in the bank.

  2. She has soaring popularity among people who have common sense- that would eliminate liberals, get it?

    Also- How come when someone who is under attacks by liberals who file frivilous lawsuits in an attempt to bankrupt her, steps down responsibly, it's called 'quitting' but when a liberal does it, it's called 'stepping down to take another position.' This is why I totally loathe liberals because of their hypocrisy.

    At least she didn't get indicted like (democrats) William Jefferson, Kwame Kilpatrick, Marion Barry, Sharpe James, Rod Blagoyevich and many others. She didn't wind up with REAL ethics problems (not the manufactured ones which were proven lies-troopergate-tanning bed-affairs-banning books- ALL LIES) like your girl Maxine Waters and Charlie Rangel or John Edwards.

    I laugh at the ignorance of liberals who praise corrupt failures like Gov. Patrick (MAss) and Corzine (NJ) and Kathleen Sebilious (KS) who have bankrupted their states, yet they will criticize a woman who did a damn good job in her state, and she didn't need to ride her cheating husbands coattails to the governors office like Hillary did to her Senate seat, she really earned it and did a good job while she served.

    What she did was responsible. You don't think the people of NJ wouldn't have benefitted from Palin as Gov. over the Goldman Sachs THIEF John Corzine, who is a posterchild libtard of the left?

    And she didn't wash her hands of committments, she let Sean Parnell take over. You don't want a libtard ruining Alaska like they did California, NJ, NY, MASS, Illinoise, Michigan, need I go on doofus?

  3. "it's called 'quitting'"

    Because that's what she did.

    "but when a liberal does it, it's called 'stepping down to take another position.'"

    Only when they step down to take another position. But the Governor didn't do that. She just quit.

  4. Great explanatory treatise DEPORTLIBS-----
    Your record of events is spotless----

    Unfortunately your systematic series of explanations and facted-based interpretations shunt's a liberal's brain, that operates like a dark airless apartment or a sunless factory---

    Now if only Nick would see Sarah like you do-----

  5. Right, then apply that to everyone, not just women who look like the girls that shot you down your entire life and now you're mad at them. (conservative attractive women who don't kill babies, believe in God, favor the 2nd amendment and have common sense)

    Barack Obama 'QUIT' before his term was up as Senator become President (even though as a do nothing terrible Senator, he spent the entire time running for President while hundreds of black kids were murdered in his region)

    Hillary Clinton QUIT as Senator to run for President.

    Kathleen Sebilious QUIT as governor to take job in Obama administration.

    Sarah Palin QUIT being governor because while fighting off multible frivilous lawsuits, her time was not focused on the welfare of her state, so she did the right thing.

    She could of held on to her job, stayed governor and just finished out her term ignoring the needs of Alaskans and doing a shity job (like ALL democrats STILL do- John Kerry, Charlie Rangel, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, etc...) while spending her days in court-

    Which would you rather have? I take Palins decision.

    By the way, Barack Obama is now officially a total loser and recognized as the WIRST president in US history. HOW DUMB DO YOU FEEL NOW?????




  6. you see, I'm an honest MF. I don't hate Palin. I don't buy the crap fed to me by progressive losers.I do my own research. I'm not a weakminded pussy ass sheep who takes my marching orders from Maddow of media matters-proven liars.

    You liberals are spineless terds. Get a life. Get the facts. Stop hating and grow the fuck up.

  7. "Barack Obama 'QUIT' before his term was up as Senator become President Hillary Clinton QUIT as Senator to run for President."

    That's not the same thing. And if they had lost (which they didn't, heh,heh) they might have gone back to their Senate seats.

    "Kathleen Sebilious QUIT as governor to take job in Obama administration."

    That's not the same, either. When your president calls you answer.

    "You liberals are spineless terds. Get a life. Get the facts. Stop hating and grow the fuck up."

    This one is funny. A barrage of namecalling and cursing, all in the name of telling someone to stop hating.

  8. We live in a place and time of little or no light. This absence of light is the nightfall of our economy---

    The darkness generated by our serial job killer in the White House needs a sensation aroused by the simulation of visual receptors, a medium through which light is transmitted, a noteworthy person, a leading light among the sordid politicians that decay our landscape, a light that will guide our country out of the self induced devoid Obama prefabricated----

    Sarah Palin is the daylight this country needs, she shines a light on all the liberal roaches chewing away at our freedoms----

  9. Why isn't it the same thing? What qualifies as good reason to call it 'quitting.' I believe you can call someone a liberal terd and then tell that idiot to grow up, so I don't get that one. You sound like a big angry liberal dummie.

    DeportLibs- you make great points- the democrats-soon to be gone Thank GOD, need to worry about their own corruptacrats and stop being so obsessed with Palin. Some of these sissy liberal men probably use this cover of Newsweek to pull their chain in the closet. Liberal men are wimps and despise successful, smart women like Palin.

    She's def. outsmarted liberals, it's why they hate her so much. She never said her foreign policy experience was seeing Russia from her house, but liberal morons believe Tina Fay which shows you their ability to be pathetic sheep. She never had an affair, that trooper was fired because he was a scumbag drinking and driving tasering A-hole, she never tried banning books from library and she paid for her own tanning bed-big deal- yet Obama is the most corrupt, vindictive, anti-American President who thinks he was a product of Selma (even though he's 50% white, 25% Kenyan and 25% Arab- WTF?) and thinks we have 57 states and his economic plan is to kill jobs, print and spend money and then lie about it's success. Wow! Who is the real idiot here?

    I would say- the dopey comment guy above me.

  10. Most politicians have a lack of something requisite, desirable or useful---

    Few----have the physiological and psychological requirements needed for the well-being of the citizens----

    Inherent in her very essence Sarah, like the dietary protein that provides the body with essential amino acids, will provide indispensable sufficient qualities for the normal health and growth of our nation---

    Sarah is becoming necessary, vital and must importantly unavoidable---

    Hedge your bets----it's not the odds in a race that will determine the outcome it's who finishes first at the finish line---