Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Video: The campaign ad of the year?

HotAir- Granted, the competition’s stiff, but the other contenders are jokey. Not this one. West is already enough of a rock star among grassroots conservatives that I assume you don’t need much background, but for the few who don’t know what the ad is about, this will set you right. All the core military virtues are here: Tough on the enemy, protective of his men, honest about his actions. As character references for job applications go, you can scarcely do better.

Speaking of job applications, anyone seen any recent polls for his House race? The last one I found had him up two on incumbent Ron Klein, but that was at the end of April. All losses are tough but, like the Nevada and Florida Senate races, a loss in this one would be extra bitter. This’ll help avert that.

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