Monday, August 23, 2010

Washingtonions 'Furious' at Opening of 'Barack Obama Elementery School'

When you're a total failure, con artist, compulsive liar and an arrogant, vindictive, condescending Marxist, the kids should admire you...

Today marks the first day of school for students in Prince George's County, Md. The county borders Washington, D.C. to the east and is true blue liberal Democrat in its politics, so it's no wonder that its brand new elementary school would be named after President Obama.

Local NBC affiliate WRC-TV has the story at its website,, where at the time I wrote this post, some 69% of readers were "furious" at the news, compared to 8 percent who were "thrilled." It's not a scientific survey by any stretch, but it is amusing, particularly given the site's largely local-to-D.C. readership. READ MORE...

Why should a school be names after a compulsive liar?

What if Obama is impeached? What if he steps down? What if Obama continues to be the worst President in U.S history? Will they keep the name or change it? Shouldn't schools wait until a Presidents term is up to see if he should be honored or not? This is disgraceful and more evidence of the left indoctrinating our youth with more lies.

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