Saturday, August 7, 2010

WATCH: Boy Scouts Boo Obama: Gets Icy Reception At Jobs Speech

Obama snubbed the boy scouts for 'The View.' These boy scouts are booing Obama's message (on the big screen) at the National Scout Jamboree.

Why would the boy scouts be disappointed about Obama not attending the event anyway? Who wants the first anti-American (yes, he is) President to show up and b.s. the boys as he reads some phony speech off of his teleprompter.

Obama was better off going on 'The View' anyway, which has about the dumbest audience next to the NBC and 'Real Time With Bill Maher' viewers. It's much easier for Obama to con those naive, 'guilt ridden' white women who watch 'The View' over pretending to be patriotic and talking to some boy scouts.

Besides, if he's talking to the boy scouts, Obama can't blame Bush for anything.

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Watch Obama try to con the audience with phony job numbers..

Obama took his helicopter a whopping six miles to make this speech. His entourage of paid 'clappers' also attended.

Obama is a total fraud, but we're not sure if he's a total failure, as he seems to be succeeding at intentionally collapsing the U.S. economy.

Google- 'Cloward and Piven' if you're confused...


  1. too bad the groups in front of the "president", at his speeches full of lies, cannot boo him to his face..

  2. Well that would be impossible, Obama has plants asking the questions and screened loyal democrats Obama zombies only admitted to his speeches. The regular public doesn't randomly get to go into places Obama speaks, are you kidding me?

  3. The ONLY thing robust here is his propensity for BS!