Sunday, August 8, 2010

Why Do We Call Members Of The Congressional Black Caucus 'Dummies?'

This may come as a major shock to most, but we haven't heard any criticism from liberals when we refer to the CBC as the Congressional Black Caucus of 'Dummies.'

Could it be that we're providing overwhelming evidence that most of their members are acting 'stupidly?' Evidence has never stopped a liberal before...

What is a dummy?

We found the perfect definition of what a dummy is and it fits many members of the CBC perfectly.

1. dummy - an ignorant or foolish person

2. simpleton, simple - a person lacking intelligence or common sense

Now before the liberals attack, we would like to again justify WHY we call them dummies. It's not because of their ethics problems, corruption, false claims of racism, lies, deceit or their race, it's because some of the things they say and do are just mind-boggling and really dumb.

Liberals can't play the old, tired, race card because then we would ask, 'where's that Congressional White Caucus at?'

We will just provide some video evidence and some good articles on the CBC and you can judge for yourself.

Also, if you haven't heard of Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Barbara Lee, Roland Burris, Charlie Rangel, John Conyers, Bobby Rush, James Clyburn, Chaka Fattah, Jesse Jackson Jr, Gregory Meeks, Diane Watson, Laura Richardson or Hank Johnson, just google them followed by your choice of 'corrupt' or 'idiot.' From ethics problems and corruption to Marxist, socialist, communist and former black panther members, to members involved in selling senate seats and praising Castro, the CBC has an all-star team of corrupt dummies and we prove it..

We didn't say it, they did...

Corrine Brown 'Gradulates' the Gators..

This woman has a degree in public speaking... that's right, she went to school to learn how to speak like this. How in the WORLD does someone like Corrine get elected?!?

Do you REALLY need more evidence? This is a woman who believes the naming of hurricanes were racist because they didn't have enough black names, which is why we gave Sheila Jackson Lee the nickname, 'Hurricane LaQuisha.'

You see, when you don't read the bills you vote on, and your constituents are against it and want answers, you rudely get on the phone and call someone who does have the talking points you need.

Hank Johnson (D-GA) displays towering, titanic stupidity starting at the 1:16 mark. How did this idiot get through high school, much less college? Watch with disgust, your government in action.

U.S. Rep. Henry "Hank" Johnson (D-Ga.) actually made this looney statement after the House voted to censure U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC). Wilson called out Barack Hussein Obama on the floor of the House recently as he was lying through his teeth in an attempt to sell the American people on his maniacal health care scheme. Wilson said, "You lie!" He was right. So Hank plays the old tired race card. What an idiot..

Now this is funny, the racist former black panther and CBC 'dummy' Bobby 'Punch Drunk' Rush tries to play the race card.

'There's no racism here to claim Bobby, put down the Crown Royal dude.'

Bobby Rush DID clean Barack Obama's clock in an election years ago and he was right about Obama trying to 'act black' with his fake strut and accent. We will give Bobby that one.

Memory Lane- Bobby Rush Kept Handgun and Communist Literature in Apartment

It's such a disgrace that scum like this are allowed to serve in the U.S. congress.

Can you imagine this incompetent cockroach running the oil companies? She can't even run her district in South Central Los Angeles, but she did help to bankrupt California and slide some bailout money to OnUnited bank, where her husband sits on the board. Barney Frank helped her...

What a nasty, , dishonest, hypocritical, rude, incompetent, and corrupt individual. She's also a dummy and a fine proud member of the CBC.

Oh...we got more..if this doesn't convince you...

Yes, Obama was a member of the CBC. Being 50% black was good enough to qualify.

Democrats in their own words Covering up the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Scam that caused our Economic Crisis.

Maxine Waters, Artur Davis, Lacy Clay and Gregory Meeks are lying through their teeth! And Lacy Clay claims it's a 'lynching' of Franklin Raines? Raines made over 91 million dollars and ran Fannie/Freddie into the ground. These people are scumbags...

At a 2004 hearing see Democrat after Democrat covering up and attacking the regulations to protect Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (their Cash Cows) that are now destroying our economy because the Democrats let them cheat.

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus took a trip to meet with Cuban President Raul Castro and Former President Fidel Castro. These CBC dummies were easily conned by the Castro's and if this doesn't convince you of the stupidity of the CBC, you need to see a shrink. Were these morons briefed on where the Castro's were NOT going to take them?

Finally, we would say that only a 'dummy' would lie about being spit on and called the 'N' word while a video tape is rolling the entire time.

Since this video was first posted. John Lewis, Emanuel Clever and the Congressional Black Caucus have claimed they were called racial slurs by Tea Party members opposed to Obamacare.

As you can see in this video, there is no evidence of the so-called "N-word" or any other slur being used, despite the claims of the CBC and their lapdogs at CNN, NBC, MSNBC, See BS.

Will the media ignore the fact that among the Tea Partiers were people of all races? Of course they will...

We have easily proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the 'Congressional Black Caucus of Dummies' have earned their title. How much more evidence do you need?

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  1. Black ConservativeSun Aug 08, 05:10:00 PM PDT

    wow- you convinced me. i was skeptical at first. i peronally think they are an embarrassment and make black americans look bad. this is what we vote for to represent us? no wonder we are not making any progress.

  2. You've put together an amazing compendium of stupid. thank you!

  3. They are too stupid to see that failed African policies will be here if they do not stop.

  4. holy moly they are dumb as shit

  5. You left off one of the stupidest morons to EVER be elected to any public office: CORRINE BROWN D-FLA.

    No one from Florida will EVER forget this embarrassment on the floor of the house.

  6. Thank you, how did we miss that! We have added Corrine Brown's video. Oh is she dumb! Thanks...