Thursday, August 26, 2010

Zuckerman: Obama WH most fiscally irresponsible in U.S. history

Mort Zuckerman, who once endorsed Barack Obama for the presidency and allegedly helped write one of his speeches, uses his perch at US News today to blast the White House as “the most fiscally irresponsible government in US history.” Zuckerman includes Congress in this indictment as well, blaming Democrats for driving the US towards an unprecedented debt crisis, and Republicans for only coming to fiscal responsibility out of midterm politics:

It’s worth remembering that the good years of the Clinton administration came only after Republicans took control of Congress, and only after Clinton’s attempt to restructure the health-care sector angered the population. Sound familiar? In 1994, Republicans won on a limited-government, fiscal-responsibility platform and made it work with a Democratic President. In most of the other terms, Republican Presidents had to deal with Democratic Congresses, when the Democratic Party was much less about the 1960s New Left than it is today. Unfortunately, many of those Republicans got co-opted by the Beltway mentality and lost all sense of responsibility and accountability in the 2001-6 period, for which voters rightly rebuked them. READ MORE...

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