Wednesday, September 8, 2010

10,000 LOSER MARCH: 'March With Me’: Ed Schultz Vows ‘We’ll Get…300,000′ At 10-2 March. LMAO!

While “featured speaker” Schultz does say the march involves a “consortium of groups,” he sure makes it sound like he’s the driving force – from invitation to “March with me,” to the “We’ll show you conservatives out there when Big Eddie starts crankin’ on something we don’t back down until it gets done.”

And he wants to be very clear: “If Beck had not done his rally — this would have happened.” Are we clear? The 10-2 march is in no way a response to the 8/28 rally. READ MORE...

NOTE- We predict that the 'Ed Schultz 10,000 loser' rally on 10-2-10 in D.C will feature several arrests, tons of litter, and some of the special guests will include Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, The New Black Panther Party, AFL-CIO and SEIU union thugs, ACORN, LaRazza, NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) scattered transvestites, CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), the Muslim Brotherhood, Hammas supporters and some snotty weak-minded college kids who have never held a job or paid a bill in their entire lives.

Ed Schultz is calling this event 'One Nation.'

It will be; One Nation of Freaks, Freeloaders, Racists, Perverts, Anti-Semites, and Morons.


  1. Woodstock revisited-----all homeless attendee's will be provided narcotic refreshments-----

    Ed Schultz is a harmlessly deranged person with a marked propensity for behaving like a fool---

  2. Looking at group dynamics from a clinical perspective, *** the progressive scum *** have developed the concept of a "psychotic fantasy of masochistic group death" and are led by a Marxist leader "OBAMA" who plays the victim and perpetrator of their groups masochistic unconscious wishes and yearnings for death and martyrdom.

    Let their suffering and death on account of their adherence to their progressive wet-dream of world domination commence beginning November 2-----

  3. It'll be a regular freak show with tons of litter, garbage and trash -- coming out of the speakers' mouths.

  4. Stopping OppressionThu Sep 09, 06:32:00 AM PDT

    Hey R.G.
    Stop picking on progressive terrorists.

  5. I'll be at the 5 million nation march, locked arm and arm with Eddie and Marxine Waters. Does that make me stupid?

  6. Meghan McCain is a fat, insecure, airheaded piece of shite. She's so dumb, it's no wonder she's a liberal. Yes, like her father, she's a "moderate" liberal.

  7. Talk about a Rino-Democrat----

    Can anyone name a more quintessential "useful idiot" then Meghan????

    For those of you who care or dare, Meghan will utter successive chirping noises, giggles, titters and flutters, in her unique chattering fashion on her twitter about her foolish thoughts at