Thursday, September 2, 2010

Americas Worst Governor Deval Patrick on Beck Rally: 'It's a Free Country. I Wish It Weren't'

And you thought that a libtalker declaring a public space too sacred for God would be the dumbest quote from the Left on the Restoring Honor rally hosted by Glenn Beck. Michael Graham from Boston’s WTKK posts a clip of Governor Deval Patrick responding to a question about the rally by noting first that it’s a free country — and then that he’s not terribly happy about that, either READ MORE...

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  1. Graham is the idiot here. Why are you giving the "really nice guy" Patrick a pass? He said he wished it weren't a free country. Period. Why are you running interference for him? Whose side are you on Michael, your pal or the American people who are losing their freedoms? That was no gaffe; it was the governor's true sentiment. Too bad for him it slipped out. We heard the context, we heard the full statement, and we heard no backpedaling. ALL the socialists feel the same! They hate America, hate the Constitution, hate our liberty and our freedoms (that's why they're so enamoured of Sharia law). No patience left for lukewarm retreaters like Michael Graham.