Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ANOTHER HARVARD CREEP: Obama Dodges Senate: He’ll Name Radical Progressive Elizabeth Warren as Consumer Agency Advisor.

President Obama plans to announce this week that he will appoint Elizabeth Warren, the Harvard Law School professor who initially proposed the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), to lead the effort to get the new federal agency up and running.

According to reports, the president will appoint Warren to a special advisory role for the White House and Treasury Department. The maneuver will allow her to act as an interim head of the CFPB. It also will enable her to begin setting up the agency immediately without involving the U.S. Senate in a confirmation process and prevent a possible filibuster that would otherwise block her nomination.

Warren has risen to prominence among progressives as chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) and many on the Left consider her a formidable force to challenge Wall Street and the banking industry. In contrast, many working in the financial sector have opposed her appointment, pegging her as anti-business. READ MORE...


  1. Obama is intentionally collapsing the economy and anyone who can't see that is a jackass.

  2. The hippie freak losers are finally getting their revolution to overthrow the US government, by stealth this time... too bad the AG is on their side...
    this COUP is an EMBARRASSMENT... the administration and the media pretending the American people are dumb enough to not know what is going on...God help us to outnumber Olympia Snowe and the other RINOs that keep giving our country away one vote at a time.