Friday, September 3, 2010

IDIOTS: 'Clueless' Robert Gibbs Tackles Question: Does Obama Believe in ‘Marxist Form of Christianity?’ We Prove he Does. WATCH Glenn Beck Responds...

'Lying sack of shit' is what we call people like Robert Gibbs. Is he kidding?!? Does he really believe Americans are THAT stupid?

Then again, after electing Obama, most democrat leaders don't think that democrat voters are stupid, they know they are.'

Must see VIDEO- Glenn Beck Responds...

TRINITY CHURCH IN CHICAGO- Does Obama, who attended Americas LARGEST Black Liberation Theology church in America for over 20 years, really believe in a Marxist form of Christianity? Of course he does, and we will prove it.

This is Obama's pastor, who Obama said 'is like family to me.' This is Obama's mentor. This is Obama's church. This IS Obama! We have more...

It's Sunday morning, and Michelle and Barack are getting the kids ready for church. Let's go with the Obama family!

Don't white Obama supporters feel just a LITTLE stupid? This IS Obama...

Father Pfleger was right about Hillary, and he is a funny guy, but he's still an idiot.

Only an 'idiot in denial' would believe that Barack Obama doesn't agree with a Marxist form of Christianity.

Wasn't this easy? You would think that those pathetic networks ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and newspapers would inform the American people of the truth instead of attacking Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and FOX news.

Liberals are idiots because we prove their idiots.

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