Saturday, September 4, 2010

IDIOTS: Hillary for President Ad Hits Airwaves in One of the Most Dishonest Ads Ever....

Some people just don't get it. Hillary Clinton is a professional PANDERING phony and the only people more airheaded than Obama supporters are 'PUMA' Hillary Clinton supporters.

Try reading this without throwing up on your keyboard...(we added some helpful info)

“She has more experience working (failing at healthcare) in and with the White House than most living presidents. She is one of the most admired (despised) women in our nation’s history. Let’s make sure the president we should have elected in 2008 (Ron Paul or Duncan Hunter?) will be on the ballot in 2012. Hillary 2012: Hillary Clinton for President. Start now. Where there’s a Hill there’s a way,” says an ad that began running on television in New Orleans Wednesday.

The commercial was paid for by a Chicago dentist named William DeJean.

When asked why he put the ad up, DeJean told CNN Thursday that “I’m a dentist and I don’t think this country is headed in the right direction.”

Regarding Clinton, DeJean says “I think she is the most qualified.”

(Apparently failing her bar exam and hiding it for 30 years, defending the black panthers, lying about dodging sniper fire in Bosnia, sleeping in a bed at the White House and ironing Bills shirt, faking accents, failing at universal health care, flip-flopping on Iraq, riding the coattails of her cheating husband and using her last name to grab a Senate seat in a state she never even lived in where she spent all of her time killing jobs upstate and running for president somehow makes her qualified?!?)

DeJean adds that he thinks people are having buyer’s remorse about President Barack Obama and says the current administration is ruining the Democratic Party.

Listen to this phony...

By the way, her friend Mayor Palmer from Trenton N.J, left his city bankrupt and in shambles for the new Mayor.

Our thoughts- Hillary Clinton isn't much different than Barack Obama. She's two-faced and sneaky, where Obama is vindictive and partisan. Hillary is also a compulsive liar like Obama and most of your typical politicians. Why do Americans keep supporting these elitist radicals and corrupt phony politicians who lie so much?

With Obama, his supporters (idiots) listened to the media or just didn't care. Conservatives and libertarians listened to Obama himself, who has pretty much admitted he was a terrorist sympathizer who was for social justice, Marxism, wealth redistribution, big government, and fundamentally transforming the Unites States of America.


With Hillary, she's the same type of radical as Obama except she will lie through her teeth about it, depending where she is. Best word to describe Hillary Clinton, 'PHONY.'

EXAMPLE- Hillary will tell some rural white folks in rural Ohio she is going to enforce our borders and then go to Los Angeles the NEXT day and tell a group of Latino women that there's no such thing as 'ILLEGAL.'

She supports the SAME failing economic policies as Obama and Pelosi does!

Our enemies LAUGH at Hillary Clinton because she's naive and a total joke. She's an embarrassment as Secretary of State!

Hillary Clinton is NOT for women's rights. What has she done for women in China and Muslim women who get whipped and stoned to death for no reason in the Middle East? She couldn't even come to the aid of Sarah Palin, who whether you like her or not, didn't deserve the vicious personal attacks on her children.

Give us a break! Some people are just so naive and clueless.


Please, no more Presidents with the last name of Bush or Clinton- EVER.

NOW- PLEASE TAKE THE IDIOT TEST. Watch the video below, and if you STILL support Hillary Clinton for President, you are 100% without a doubt a bigger IDIOT than a current Obama supporter.

Oh Hillary, please GO AWAY...

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