Thursday, September 9, 2010

ISLAMIZATION COMING SOON: Muslim Activist Calls for “Burn the Stars and Stripes Day” VIDEO: Islam in Not a Religion of Peace...

A Muslim activist and lawyer in the U.K. is calling on Muslims worldwide to burn U.S. flags outside American embassies on Sept. 11. The activist, according to CBS news, is considered a radical, and says his “international burn the Stars and Stripes Day” is in “direct retaliation” against pastor Terry Jones and his Florida church’s plan to burn the Koran on the same day.

The man calling for the mass burning is Anjem Choudary, former leader of the banned hardline Islamic group Islam4UK. According to CBS, Choudary regularly organizes demonstrations in Britain calling for the implementation of Islamic law.

The report also says that the State Department has issued a warning to all embassies to prepare for possible backlash should the Koran burning take place as planned on Saturday.

General David Petraeus, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, and others have spoken out against the planned Koran burning. Petraeus has said that it will endanger U.S. troops abroad, while Glenn Beck has said that “burning the Koran is like burning the flag or the Bible.” READ MORE...

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  1. Bring it ON!

    we the American people know how to deal with 2 year olds...
    we will NOT be intimidated.