Friday, September 17, 2010

Marxist Jim Wallis: Beck Doesn’t Understand Christianity — Jesus was a Liberation Theologian

Maybe if Jim and his friends would have spent more time reading the Bible to understand it, rather than looking for words to cut out they would have been able to understand the real point behind Christ’s help for the poor. I’ll give him a hint, it wasn’t the money.

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  1. Jim Wallis is BLASPHEMOUS as are all people in this administration. God will deal with Jim Wallis... and barack Obama and George Soros.. etc etc..God help the American people to not follow the DECEITFUL people we have been forwarned about from the Bible and other religious texts..
    btw.. a couple weeks ago, I was at the frontside of the Whitehouse, and there is a cute little yellow CHURCH kitty corner.. Obama could WALK there... and I am sure Jim Wallis could preach from the alter...unless he does not dare to enter a holy place that is...