Friday, September 10, 2010

Factor Showdown: NAACP Head Can’t Cite Actual Tea Party Racism: Racist 'Gutter' Organization Now A Liberal Arm Of The Democratic Party

It's such a shame that Hilary Shelton doesn't realize how stupid he looks while answering simple questions from Bill O'Reilly, who was being more than fair with him. Hilary Shelton SEEMS like a really nice guy, but his obvious dishonesty about racism in the tea party makes him look less credible than Barack Obama giving a speech on health care.

The once proud and useful organization is now a 'gutter' organization full of racist opportunists. Shame on them.

The NAACP should be labeled a 'hate' group.

The tea party isn't 'racist,' but the NAACP sure is. In addition to supporting cop killers and communists like Van Jones, they honor racist dirtbags like Reverend Wright, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the New Black Panther Party and Farrakhan. They have also honored several celebrities like Jamie Foxx who have made racist remarks towards white people.

There's plenty of EVIDENCE that racism exists in the NAACP, but the NAACP has NO evidence of racism in the tea party.

Maybe it's the tea party who should have a website set up to monitor the real racism coming from the NAACP.

Why is the NAACP honoring President Obama's former pastor Reverend Wright?

This is 'advancment?'

The divisive Michelle Obama, who can easily be considered a racist, was also honored by the NAACP. People can live in 'Fairyland' if they want, but if they don't think that Michelle Obama has a major problem with white folks, they're extremely naive, stupid, or both. Just read her thesis at Princeton and watch her videos on YouTube!

Is this audience stupid? YES:

Michelle Obama can point out the diabetes and obesity rate, the crumbling public schools, the incarceration rate and other problems of the black community all day. What she fails to point out is that it's elitist liberal democrats like herself who are responsible for these problems!

Liberal democrats have controlled and destroyed black neighborhoods and the black family structure for over 40 years with their failed policies. We can prove it- Detroit, Camden, Newark, Philadelphia, D.C, Baltimore, Chicago, do we really need to continue?

And why does Michelle keep comparing the rates of obesity and diabetes to those blue-eyed devil 'white' kids? Does the audience need race as motivation to improve these problems?

Why doesn't she bring up the crime statistics of black on white crime compared to white on black? Why is Michelle bringing up race at all? She wouldn't have to bring it up as most of these problems wouldn't exist if the public schools weren't 'crumbling' and BOTH parents were doing their job.

The NAACP, Michelle Obama, Van Jones, Ben Jealous, Jesse Jackson, the Congressional Black Caucus, Reverend Wright and the Al Sharptons of the NAACP do NOTHING for the advancement of anyone but THEMSLEVES and they USE blacks to do it.

The current NAACP is a total disgrace. They answer to the white liberals who really control the NAACP, which is why they're attacking the tea parties by using false claims of racism to deter blacks from attending tea parties.

'Well guess what.. it's NOT working.'

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