Thursday, September 23, 2010

Obama Heckled at Manhattan Fundraiser by Blithering Idiots. 'When Clueless Supporters Attack!'

During a fundraising appearance Wednesday evening in New York, President Barack Obama was interrupted multiple times by gay rights activists protesting Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and AIDS funding.

“What’s coming up, I want us to talk about what’s at stake in this election. Because the people that potentially will take over if we don’t focus on this election, I promise you, will cut AIDS funding. So this is not the time or the place to do what you’re talking about.”

The audience of 550 paid $100 per person to see the president. Obama later spoke to a VIP reception where tickets cost $2,500 each, and spoke at a 125-person dinner, which featured Barbara Streisand and cost $15,200 a plate.


"You give them an inch, they want to take a mile."

Some of these "so-called" gay rights activists will never be happy until the department of education makes it mandatory as part of their curriculum that second graders experiment with gay sex as part of their homework assignment.

With Obama's radical homosexual "safe schools" czar Kevin "fisting kit" Jennings and the liberal Education Secretary Arne Duncan, it's quite possible.

These idiots who are heckling Obama and holding up their signs are too stupid to realize that Obama has already increased funding for AIDS. He also lifted the travel ban for people with HIV so now everyone in the world with AIDS can come to America, get amnesty and free health care courtesy of the tax payers. It was a stupid thing to do, but these same AIDS activists were the ones applauding Obama when he lifted the ban and now they're crying because there's not enough TAXPAYER money to fund AIDS, which MOSTLY comes from irresponsible behavior.

It's not surprising that these same people heckling Obama are the same PROGRESSIVE idiots who rally against the pharmaceutical companies who create advanced treatment medication for HIV and do extensive research in hopes of finding a cure for AIDS.

(We don't buy the conspiracy theory about already having the cure- please grow up.)

As for "don't ask don't tell," most these sniveling morons who are heckling Obama have never even served in the military.

Enlisted military personnel and ONLY enlisted military personnel should be the ONLY group of people who should be making the decision on OPEN gays serving in the military.

Currently, gays CAN serve in the military and all they have to do is NOT talk about their sex lives.

What's the ultimate goal here, a "gay pride" soldier parade on the base every year? Then what comes next, separate showers, living quarters, foxholes, bathrooms, tents, mess halls and forcing the clergy to marry gay couples at the base chapel?

What about a rainbow patch on their class A uniforms?

Can you say "frivolous lawsuits."

"I didn't get promoted because I was gay!" (Maybe it's because they sucked at their job)

Lifting "don't ask, don't tell" will open up and dangerous can of worms...

Coming to a base near you?

"Don't ask don't tell" is the best thing going and it works better than a complete ban on all gays and will work far better than letting openly gay men and women serve.

It's not in any way considered "homophobic," to keep "don't ask don't tell." That's just a FAG word created by the left to attack anyone who disagrees with them.

Some advocates of gays in the military try to use the "human right" argument. Not so fast... If that was the case, then 76 year old men, mental patients, handicapped and obese people would be allowed to enlist.

How about this new slogan, "shut up and serve your country."

Let's keep our sex lives in the bedroom and not in the Marine barracks (or public bath houses for those in Ft. Lauderdale and San Francisco)

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