Saturday, September 18, 2010

RACIST CRYBABY: America's Worst Gov Slams Tea Party Hate and Anger

He sounds soooooo white! What a cornball!

Is Gov. Partick still mad at all of those 'teabaggers' who helped Scott Brown defeat the progressive liberal Martha Coakley last year in the Massachusetts Senate race?

The original 'hope and change' and 'yes we can' race baiting governor Duval Patrick is not only a terrible governor from Massachusetts, he's a great recruiter for the tea party. When these liberal dirtbags LIE about the tea partiers, they just inject more passion into them and at the same time, anger other American people who wind up joining the tea party movement.

'So keep up the great work dirtbag!'

It's no wonder America's worst governor has an approval rating of get this- 19%!! That's worse than Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm who is at 28%! If not for unions and so many dumb voters collecting welfare in Detroit and Flint, Granholm would have an approval of around 9%.

Remember before the liberal media LIED about Sarah Palin, as governor of Alaska, her approval rating by Alaskans (not libtards from New York, California or D.C) was over 80%! That's about high as any governor will see in their state.

People who criticize Sarah Palin are idiots who know nothing about the truth behind the liberal attack machine that tried to destroy her. They only succeeded at destroying America by supporting an anti-business, anti-American Marxist and community organizing radical who is easily the worst President in U.S history.

Great job!

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