Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Small Business Owner Confronts the 'Stuttering Bullshitter 'Obama on Tax Cuts

Stuttt, stutt, duh, duh, stutt-uhhh, stutter (let him think of a lie while idiots applaud the community organizer and his business background) Unbelievable...

During a backyard chat this morning in Des Moines, Iowa, President Barack Obama was pressed to defend his plans to limit the soon-to-expire Bush tax cuts to only those who make less than $250,000/year. David Greenspon, owner of Competitive Edge Advertising Specialty Manufacturing Co. prefaced his question by telling the president he didn’t mean to be confrontational, but asked the president to explain his plans to continue taxing “that elitist 2 percent.”

Any increase in taxes — even if it’s just five percent — “that’s 5 percent that would create a job,” he said. “Five percent on millions of dollars of profit creates many jobs. Nobody’s putting it in their pocket on a corporate level. They can sit with their piles of cash. But on a small-business level, which is, you know, the essence of this country…”‪ READ MORE...

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  1. I like this guy. I get sick of these townhalls where one sob story after another get up and ask the President to give them something. In a sense government, to make their life better. We get the Velma Harts, Henrietta Hughes, and many more that think that Obama is coming to town, means Santa Claus is coming to town. This guy just wanted the government to take less of his money. Love it