Friday, September 10, 2010

STILL IDIOTS: Several of President Obama's Hollywood Supporters Critical of His Performance

President Barack Obama’s national job approval rating sits at 46 percent in the latest Fox News Public Opinion Poll, down 19 points from a high of 65 percent at his inauguration.

And it looks like his popularity among his Hollywood supporters has also taken a hit. interviewed several celebrities over the past several weeks who supported Obama’s candidacy. A year-and-change into his first term, many are expressing disappointment regarding his positions on such issues as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, gay marriage, health care and the economy, among other things.

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner is upset that the slow pace with which the President has moved troops out of combat operations overseas. “We need to get out of the wars, we’re going through the same thing as Vietnam right now,” Hefner told Pop Tarts. “We can’t please the world and all we do is make enemies.”

“True Blood” beauty Ashley Jones is upset with President Obama's health care initiatives. READ MORE...

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