Sunday, September 19, 2010

WATCH: CNN Reporter Smacked Down For Calling Voter Anger Racist. CNN 'House Negro' Roland Martin Defends 'Anti-American' Obama From Criticism...

All white MSNBC has Eugene Robinson and mostly white CNN has Roland Martin. Both of these 'house negros' are living in severe denial about Barack Obama being as anti-American as they come. Maybe they're just paid well to 'go along' with the agenda...

Maybe Islam and Black Liberation Theology have become the new Christianity?

Are you getting tired of hearing liberal media members claim the voter anger around the country is all because Barack Obama is black?

RedState Editor and CNN contributor Erick Erickson is, for on Wednesday's "John King USA," he let Dana Bash have it for reiterating this insulting accusation.

"Talking to Democrats, I know you have, privately, will say some of the anger they hear in their districts, they say there's no doubt some of it is latent racism," uttered Bash.

Erickson was having none of if responding, "Oh, good lord...It's the last best trick of a losing Democrat, is to accuse the Republicans of racism."

When Erickson concluded his reply by stating Obama's "world view is fundamentally anti-American," a heated discussion between him and CNN's Roland Martin ensued.

Nicely done, Erick. This racism schtick by liberal media members is getting old.

Are Americans that disagree with Democrat policies going to have to put up with this nonsense until Obama is removed from office?

Yes - that's a rhetorical question.

As for Obama NOT being a Christian, well, we wil let Barack answer that one himself..

C'mon now...

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