Sunday, September 12, 2010

WATCH: Liberal 'Wimps' More Upset At Man Burning Pages Of The Koran Near Ground Zero Mosque Site Than Muslims Burning U.S. Flags, Bibles & Bodies...

The burning of the American flag happens just about every other day somewhere in the world. They burn bibles, flags and even Americans. So why is it getting even more popular to be AGAINST America? Obama's apology tour sure didn't help, but he's another indoctrinated radical. Is it our liberal media?

THAT'S EASY- Unfortunately we have a pathetic anti-American media run by a bunch of DISHONEST progressive liberals who constantly trash their country, Commander in Chief (George W. Bush) and military.

At this point the man is unidentified.

“If they can burn American flags, I can burn the Koran,” shouted the unidentified man. “America should never be afraid to give their opinion.”

The man was led away by police but did not appear to be arrested.

So ONE guy burns a few pages of the Koran and some American people are crying like little bitches? Who's side are they on? Where are their priorities when it comes to condemning certain events?

We have troops being killed almost daily in Afghanistan, a 'trophy' Mosque being intentionally built at ground zero as a symbol for murdering thousands of Americans and U.S. flags and bibles being burned around the world. We have had successful terror attacks in addition to failed and foiled attacks for decades. So why so much anger towards AMERICANS who oppose a Mosque at Ground Zero or some Pastor who wants to burn a Koran?

FACE IT- Islamization of America IS COMING whether people like it or not. Sharia is coming to America whether people like it or not. More attacks will take place in America whether people like it or not. And the reason it's coming is because we have become a politically correct nation run by a bunch of left-wing pu**ies. From the public schools and campuses of our universities, to the politicians in D.C, to the media and the Hollywood elites, we are becoming a broke and weak nation.

The liberals in the media (Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews, Rachael Maddow, Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric, Dylan Ratigan, Keith Olbermann, Contessa Brewer, Charles Gibson, Brian Williams, Newsweek, TIME, NY Times, Huffington Post, Media Matters) favor and sympathize with terrorists over Americans who attend tea parties for crying out loud!

They say that if we burn the Koran or oppose the Mosque, it will make the Muslims really, really mad. Aren't they already mad at us? These events below happened BEFORE the suggested burning of the Koran and BEFORE the opposition to the Mosque at ground zero. When will these naive morons in the media wake the hell up and get a spine?

WARNING: Graphic pictures and VIDEO below. But this is REAL and needs to be seen by people who still have their head stuck up their ass.

What a great location to build a Mosque right? Idiots...

This was years before George W. Bush for all of those who have BDS....

Four US mercenaries employed by Blackwater Security Consulting where traveling in two SUV vehicles when they were ambushed and their vehicles set on fire. A large crowd of angry Iraqis approached the torched vehicles with shovels and rocks and pulled the four charred corpses out onto the roadway.

Two of the bodies where dragged throughout the town's streets. The other two were dismembered and one was decapitated. Two of the torsos were then taken to a bridge that crosses the Euphrates River and hung like animals.

The crowd, in addition, took one leg and one arm, tied ropes on them with a rock on each end, then swung both of them over electric power lines.

If only cowards like Chris Matthews would gear more of his sniveling anger towards radical Muslims over some Florida pastor who wants to burn a Koran or a former governor from Alaska who did a better job running her state than he does running his failing cable show, he might someday be on his way to putting his high heels back in the closet and becoming a credible journalist.

Maybe if some of these liberals in the media weren't so biased, dishonest and anti-American and had some patriotism, the entire world including all Muslims and even the 'Euro-trash' wouldn't hate us so much. (Euro-trash- Europeans who hate America because of what liberals say, not what actually happens)

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  1. There is no large scale support for islam in the UK and Europe outside of the islamic immigrant community. In fact we despise them. Most of us realise there is going to be a bloody world war against these bastards sooner or later. Don't expect us to jump up and down and get too exited. That is not the way we do things but we will be ready. In the meantime you deal with your collaborators and we will deal with ours

  2. our politicians at all levles are selling this country out to islamic financing... what they do not realize,, is that islamic money is like tax money... it is STOLEN from others..
    The American people know how ot deal with 2 year olds.. Every single one of us needs to be sure to VOTE in November to get CONSERVATIVES elected that have the GUTTS to stand up for America.
    When it finally gets in the American people's hands,,,we will deal with it.. We out number islamists here...they do not have the numbers to bully us. We need to make sure we EDUCATE our fellow Americans about they too will join the resistance to our politicians SELLOUT.
    If America and Israel go down,, it will be the end times and for that we surely need to stay steadfast in our Lord.

  3. Does America worship its flag? Does idiots4obama pray to it?

  4. We pledge it punk. didn't it mention bibles and people? bibles, hmmm. i think anonymous is another wimpy liberal and hates America.