Monday, September 20, 2010

WATCH: O'Donnell Laughs Off Witchcraft Attack. Bill Maher Acts As If He Has A 'Whitey' Tape...

This is what liberals have on O'Donnell? This is it? What a joke...

WATCH: O'Donnell Laughs Off Witchcraft Attack

Delaware Republican Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell responded to old clips that surfaced over the weekend where she said she had once "dabbled in witchcraft," clarifying at a GOP picnic in Delaware Sunday, "I was in high school, how many of you didn't hang out with questionable folks in high school? But no, There's been no witchcraft since, if there was, Karl Rove would be a supporter."

The jab at the former President George W. Bush senior adviser came after Rove had cast doubt on her ability to carry the state for the GOP and said there are too many questions about her past.

The nominee showed up at the picnic in a key county that helped secure her GOP Tuesday primary upset, despite canceling previously scheduled appearances on "Fox News Sunday" and CBS' "Face the Nation." Her campaign backed out of the talk show interviews, saying she needed to get back to Delaware and had a scheduling conflict, including attending church and then the afternoon picnic.

She was greeted with a raucous applause at the annual Sussex County GOP picnic with chants of "yes we can" and "yes we will!"

Many in the crowd kept saying "get over it," to the media when she clarified her original witchcraft comments, which included her giving details about a date she had with a witch. The 1999 tape from "Politically Incorrect" first surfaced Friday when Bill Maher aired it on "Real Time with Bill Maher," saying he would keep airing clips until she appeared on his show.

"Bill wanted ratings, I gave him ratings," O'Donnell said. READ MORE...

NOTE- While these liberal idiots are busy attacking a woman who had a seance in high school some 20 years ago after a bad date, lets look at some REAL damaging comments made by a grown man who is now our President. These comments are 1000 times worse than O'Donnell's yet these SAME coward liberals seem to IGNORE them as if it's no big deal.

Obama in his own words...

This is one of MANY reasons why Obama supporters ARE idiots. It's a fact, not an opinion...

Glenn Beck was attacked (as usual) for being right about Obama when he called him a racist, meaning Obama has a problem with whites. What else do you call an African-American who doesn't like white people? (Are people really this stupid?)

We should be talking about Obama's comments, because Obama still thinks that way today; Who cares about O'Donnell's comments about dabbling in witchcraft for a few days as a teenager 20 years ago?



  1. Barack Hussein Obama doesn't care for white people, as you can hear in the video above, but he will use them and play friends with them if they think the same way he does.

    Obama has the same disgust for whites that some self-loathing white liberals like Bill Maher have for themselves.

    The reason that Obama supporters are idiots is because they will listen to the video above of Obama's opinion of white people is his own words and they will STILL deny that Obama is a racist!

    That's a mental disorder!

    White liberals are cowards and if this is all they have on Christine O'Donnell, not only does she have our vote, we might throw $100 her way to make sure that people who think like Obama, and there's a lot of them in congress already, do not get elected to office.

  2. Exactly, Raj. I find it very hard to believe that people still have it in them to defend this joker. His arrogance infuriates me...