Thursday, September 16, 2010

WHAT'S MORE RADICAL? Giant Progressive Lesbians Who Go South, Old Congressman Who Prefer Anal With Boys Or Christian Women Who Promote Abstinence?

Wait a second! Christine O'Donnell is the radical?

70% of Americans would disagree with Maddow...

Why are 'manly' looking progressive lesbians, ummm, uh huh, liberals, so obsessed with women who have an 'R' next to their name? (Bachmann, Brewer, Palin, O'Donnell) Is 'Boy' Maddow jealous because she could never accomplish what these women have, or is she swole because these women prefer men?

Shouldn't Maddow be happy? Christine O'Donnell beat the same kind of old white male establishment republican that Maddow is always bitching about on her show, so why attack the WOMAN who defeated him?

Chalk one up for the fake feminists!

And who cares about Christine O'Donnells opinion on masturbation!

Is she going to vote to repeal Obamacare? Will she vote NO on cap and trade? Will she vote no on more massive spending? Will she vote no on cardcheck and amnesty for illegals? Will she support smaller government? Answer- Yes she will...

Her social views on masturbation are not going to stop Rachael 'Fish Fingers' Maddow from taking care of herself while her partner isn't around or stop an experimental teenager sitting on the toilet bowl with an open Playboy. So who cares?

If the 'radical' Christine O'Donnell wants to promote abstinence so young girls DON'T continue to become pregnant and infected with STD's like HIV, HPV, gonorrhea, herpes and syphilis, so be it. Good for her!

If O'Donnell wants to prevent someones daughter from becoming the next guest on the Maury Povich show, so be it! What GOOD parent wouldn't want to sign their daughter up?

Yuck! If this picture doesn't encourage abstinence..

Maddow acts as if she will be banned from munching carpet if O'Donnell is elected to the Senate. That's not true...

According to 'downtown' Maddow and other liberals, you're a RADICAL for teaching abstinence, but it's NOT radical for a 75 year old fat disgusting corrupt congressman named Barney Frank to not only collapse the housing market, but to collapse the backs of young boys by sticking his old wrinkled penis in to the hole where a man evacuates his bowels. The mind of a liberal...

If you're going to go after Christine O'Donnell, go after her for some of her financial problems. Don't go after her because she's religious, or because she's not a whore like Madonna or a vile sodomite like Barney Frank.

We don't agree with Christine O'Donnell on a lot of issues, but she is one more step closer to snatching the gavel out of the hands of the domestic terrorist and most despised political figure in America, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Also, O'Donnell will not support the intentional collapse of the economy (the Obama agenda) as other democrats and RINO's are doing by supporting massive spending bills, cap and trade, Obamacare, cardcheck and the expansion of government.

O'Donnell won because she's more conservative than Mike Castle is.

Americans are really getting sick and tired of the non-stop personal attacks on women with an 'R' next to their name (Bachmann, Palin, O'Donnell, Brewer) and the more these ruling class elites attack them, the more popular these women will become.

O'Donnell is only down by 11% and she's getting a boatload of cash from her many supporters. Not only will she win, she will do a better job in the Senate than Mike Castle and the 'bearded Marxist' democrat Chris Coons.


  1. EXCELLENT POST. fffffffunnny! lmao. love this blog. we need more articles like this. stright up and the truth. my stomach is killing me from laughing so hard- Frank breaking the backs of boys - yup- on fire island in NY on weekends,lol.

  2. Christine O'Donnell is a strong woman who will not negotiate her morals. Just the kind of person we need at this time.