Tuesday, September 7, 2010

WHERE DO THEY FIND PEOPLE THIS DUMB?!? Obama on ‘Powerful Interests’: ‘They Talk About Me Like a Dog.' IDIOTS Applaud!

CNN says Obama “flashed some anger” during his labor day speech in Milwaukee. It’s the adlibbed line here that’s getting all the attention:

Obama sounds like your typical community agitator and wanna-be dictator. He's a crybaby and the biggest sissy and failure of a President we've ever seen. He lies, blames, attacks, complains, makes excuses and whines constantly. He's always on the road attempting to con Americans on why he's such a failure. Who is stupid enough to believe this empty suit?!?


Who are these blithering IDIOTS sitting behind the president drooling and applauding like moronic giddy-ass goofballs?

Are they the only people left on the planet STUPID enough to believe the crap that comes out of Obama's mouth? The lies, the blame and the excuses are so played out and only an idiot would buy Obama's rhetoric.

It's obvious these people are either naive, stupid, or both. Why are they applauding the pathological lying Barack Hussein Obama? It might be that they have no intelligence to insult.



  1. "They talk about me like a dog!"

    Maybe it's because you're using the country as a fire hydrant.

  2. Who should we be for? The Republicans and the interests they support?

    Sorry but this anti-Obama rhetoric does the American people no good.

    If your answer is to vote Republican, you'll simply be supporting the same machine that has been trampling the American economy and way of life for dozens of years.

    Neither party is the answer. I hope this isn't a conservative Republican website. But you shouldn't shy away from telling people the truth--no politician serves the public interest, they only serve the private sector.

    So what is the answer?

  3. Wrong, anonymous, they serve their BUDDIES in the private sector.

    You seem to be unable to separate political corruption with simply political beliefs. While the writer of this website is (very often) horribly over the top, and would likely do more harm than good if this blog went mainstream, he definitely advocates the ideas of the right more than the right itself.

    Besides, if more political leaders advocated for the private sector in a free market way, maybe we wouldn't be in this deep of a hole.

  4. Where do they find people this dumb? Um, I dunno, the SEIU? Because that's what all their shirts say.

    0742 PDT commenter, you're pretty much wrong. Obama is the worst thing to happen to this country in a long, long time, and your whole "both are evil so let's just get along" schtick is garbage. A whole generation of voters was sold on snake oil and now you don't think we should point that folly out? You've got to be nuts! And how does Obama serve private interests - the private sector economy has protracted in ways previously unfathomable, while the public sector is burgeoning to new heights of fiscal recklessness. Sure, Republicans aren't the sole solution to the properly re-frame a federal government that respects the constitution, but they are sure as hell a lot more in touch with the American people today than Obama ever was.

  5. umm, i disagree about this site being over the top. i believe you mean brutally honest and not afraid to tell it like it really is. it is a unique blog, i don't think it's trying to be bi-partisan,lol. it's obviously a libertarian-conservative leaning site, but mostly, it's just anti-progressive liberal. and i like that because its the progressives that are ruining this county. this site also goes after republicans too. are you blind? or just so dumb you cant look under the RINO section? they go after graham, snowe, collins, chao, grassley, boehner, cantor, castle- so what is your problem. this site also provides video evidence, and exposes islam where others are afraid to touch the truth. if you dont like this site, why are you here so much?

    over the top? lol. wow..you're a sorry ass.

  6. Obama is like a terrible smell, strongly repulsive, alarmingly obnoxious, marked indelibly for his unattractive and objectionable behavior.

    Obama is like excess sewage that gradually changes the character of a pristine lake---

    This site is like the best student excelling all the rest that skillfully and accurately informs beforehand of the danger and evil lurking in the heart of "The Naked Marxist" in the White House--