Tuesday, October 26, 2010

AGAIN? Behar Freaks About Sharron Angle TV Ad: ‘She Is Going to Hell, This B****’

The fireworks fly throughout this clip, but the “b-word” enters around 4:00. The invective is in reaction to the Sharron Angle TV ad they play at the beginning of the segment. So you could watch that part of the clip, then begin testing your VTTOQ (View Tolerance Tap Out Quotient). If you begin clawing at your eyeballs in the 2-3 minute range, then just skip forward to the 4:00 mark:


Joy Behar is a nasty, ignorant airhead. This ad is 100% accurate...It mentions a word Joy is too stupid to define; ILLEGAL, AS IN 'ILLEGAL ALIEN.'

Maybe someone should shove some statistics in front of Joys hideous face...

70% of Americans SUPPORT the Arizona immigration law.

Arizona is the kidnapping capital of the Unites States!

Most Arizona voters INCLUDING many Hispanic voters also support the Arizona immigration law.

24 American citizens are killed EVERY SINGLE day at the hands of 'Hispanic' ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. (More than the Iraq war Joy is always whining about)

Most blacks oppose illegal immigration, so lets see Joy take her fat ass down to the Bronx and tell them just how ignorant they are....

THOUSANDS of illegal aliens DO join violent gangs. It's a fact, so deal with it. Political correctness has gone mad in this country!

Did Joy or anyone else on 'The View' report this 'real' racism story below? How about the increase of MS-13 gang members in this country? What about the twelve violent murders every single day by illegal aliens against American citizens?

Maybe that despicable angry cow Joy Behar should click here and visit 'VICTIMS OF ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIME' and explain to the the victims family members why THEY are ALSO ignorant 'bitches' for opposing illegal immigration.

GET THAT MYTH OUT OF YOUR FAT HEAD: Most illegals do NOT come here to work hard and start a better life for themselves. They come here to take advantage of the massive entitlement programs that democrats give them- PERIOD.

Joy Behar can explain to this girls parents why Sharon Angle is a 'crazy bitch' for wanting to stop violent ILLEGAL alien gang members from coming to their community.

It's too bad that the dumb audience of 'The View' applaud the fat yenta Joy Behar every time she makes an ignorant statement.

Why doesn't Joy Behar go after Harry Reid for his lies, corruption and racial statements he has made over the years?

ANSWER- Because Joy Behar is a bitter, angry, ignorant coward...

Someone please forward this post to her...

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  1. Well, Obama did tell latinos to punish their enemies.