Thursday, October 7, 2010

Double Standards: Are Obama Supporters Racist?

What would the media think if 91% of whites lined up to support a white candidate who only had 36% approval among blacks?

PS–I’d be interested to see Leslie Marshall put her little theory to the test and point to a single Jewish politician in America today who enjoys a 90+ approval rating among the entire Jewish community.

Let's face it, many blacks DID support Obama because well, at least they thought he was 'black.'

Obama is half white and a far left liberal who is about as black as Martha Stewart, but people have the right to vote however ignorant their reason may be. It isn't like John McCain was something to brag about.

Most blacks would probably agree with Ron Paul and Sarah Palin when it comes to the issues, but the issues really didn't during the so-called 'historical' election. (More like disastrous)

Obama is NOT our first 'black' President. He may be African American, but Obama is our first 'bi-racial' president.

Hopefully, Alan West will become our real 'first black president.'


  1. Hopefully Allen West WILL NOT be our next president.

    Why in the hell is everybody looking for another black man to take obamas place?

    There are OTHER candidtates that happen not to be black.

    Quit with all of this 'put a black man above everyone so he can succeed at the detriment of everybody else.

    This slobberization and licking feet of the black man is getting real sickening.

    Lets split this country into parts so all of you that dream of a black man ruling your everyday life can have any one black you want.

    I prefer to be ruled by my Own.

    Yes, Im a racist. its not illegal.

    You White people need to understand that blacks want to dominate you. They want you either dead or under their control.
    The racists are in the black community. And for you Whites to put your destiny into the hands of the minority that espouses at the top of their lungs on a day to day basis that YOU are discriminating against them, that YOU are the problems of the world, that THEY hate YOU shows just how ignorant you are as a person.

    When you Whites figure out that this is MORE than a political fight the better off you will be.

    This is racial, People.....understand that.

  2. Mulatto, actually. Black and white (and red all over) 0bama is a mulatto, meaning born of white and black parents.

  3. Well Frank, unless Michael Savage is running for President, we do not see anyone else with the spine to take on Obama and Pelosi like Alan West has. He has challenged them both on video. He is not all talk, as we know how far he's willing to go to do the right thing on the battlefield. We do not endorse West because of his color.

    We endorse West because he's an intelligent LEADER and has executive experience UNLIKE our past 4 Presidents!

    He isn't going to cave to special interests, he is going to shrink government, play the race card and for a 'commander in chief' he sure as hell knows more about economic policy than Obama and Bush combined. He will represent ALL Americans, not those on his side only. He's not a divider and he's not afraid to speak his mind. He's also very RIGHT....

    Is that a better explanation?

  4. Savage Beck 2012? They will stop the Islamization, lower taxes, create jobs, and get rid of the politically correct enviroment that is tearing this country to it's core.

  5. Savage/West? 2012? Got my attention

  6. Forget color. Allen West is a MAN - period! In fact this brave patriot is the right man for our time. I couldn't care less what color his skin pigment is.