Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Humiliation Tactics: Wisconsin Dem Chair Unloads on Fox News Reporter in Front of Party Meeting

Fox News reporter Steve Brown likely did not anticipate the reception he got at a Democratic Party meeting in Milwaukee last night.

Local party Chairman Sachin Chheda calls out Brown and his producer and compels the reporter to walk to the front of the room to answer for the sins of Fox News.

NOTE- If WE were there, we would first explain why FOX news is fair and balanced unlike other networks who are dishonest and biased, and then explain the ratings of FOX news compared with those of CNN and MSNBC. We would then explain the hypocrisy of liberal news networks and the vicious personal attacks who they politically disagree with. We would then go outside in the hallway, put on a purple SEIU shirt, come back in and bitchslap Sachin Chheda so hard for being disrespectful to us, his head would spin 3 times like the exorcist.

That's what we would do...

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